A "Memorial Gazebo" placed in Veteran's Park, in Honor of these Cedar Vale Lions:

Lion Verne Sweaney

Member of Club from 1/1/1959--1/1/2017 Club Officer History:

  • Club Director7/1/2016--/1/2017
  • Club Director7/1/2015--6/30/2016
  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/2010--6/30/2011
  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/2005--6/30/2006
  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/2002--6/30/2003


Lion Floyd Montgomery

Member of Club from 3/1/1999--11/11/2019 Club Officer History:

  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/2007--6/30/2008


Lion Madison Holroyd

Member of Club from 10/1/1987--5/31/2020 Club Officer History:

  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/20176/30/2018
  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/20166/30/2017
  • Club Membership Chairperson7/1/20096/30/2010

Landscaping and Memorial Plaques have been added as on our Home Page!


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