SPOT Vision Screening Training

On September 23rd Lions from the Central Saanich Club and the Sidney Lions Club came together for training / refresher on the SPOT Vision Screening Project.  On September 27th we will be screening roughly 200 students in Grades 1 - 10 at the LAU'WELLEN Tribal School.

SPOT Vision Screening Project

Central Saanich Lions Members did vision screening on 549 Grade 3 students in School 63 (Saanich).  We also did vision screening on Grades 1 - 10 at the LAU,WELNEW Tribal School.  

Next year we have been invited to do vision screening on Grades 1 thru 5 in the Saanich School District and also Grades 1 thru 10 at the LAU,WELNEW Tribal School.  


Wood Recovery Project







Over the past few years firewood has become our largest fund raiser.  All of the trees are donated by local home owners and contractors.  When we get the call we cut the logs into rounds, its then taken to our firewood yard, where its split into firewood and from there delivered to local residence.  The monies raised is then used in our Lions' supported charities.


Brass Recovery

Years ago the club was given the opportunity to extract brass from donated meters from our local municipalities.  The club then decided to donate all of the proceeds to the local hospital towards the purchase of a GreenLight XPS Laser Therapy system for the management of male BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).  All though it took many years of delays the system was finally purchased last summer at which time we donated $46,000 from the recovered brass.  We will continue to recover brass for a future project.



Club Eyeglasses for Children Program

In co-operation with our local school district and optometrists, eye glasses are provided to elementary students of Central Saanich who require vision correction. For more information "Club Eyeglasses for Children Program".


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