The Original Christiana Lions Club was organized on September 21, 1927 sponsored by the Quarryville Lions Club.  Little information can be found about these early years except the Club Charter was canceled in May of 1935 however reorganized on December 10, 1941. 

     In 1945 the Christiana Minstrel Shows were born and held in the Masonic Hall Lodge until 1951 when a deal was struck with the Christiana Fire Company to build a stage in the fire hall.  In exchange for labor, the fireman would buy materials and the Lions could use the hall and stage free of charge.  Between 1941 and 1948 meetings moved to a room behind Herb Longeneckers Drug Store.   Around 1948 the Lions then moved to the old Scout Hall.  The Fire Company owned the building and charged $100 per year for rent and utilities. 

  The Lions Community Park was purchased on January 7, 1948 for $9,000.  In 1951 Lions moved to the Mount Vernon Inn until 1961 when the Christiana Community Building was built.  In 1960 the Christiana Community Council was formed to find a permanent meeting place for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other community organizations.  The building was built on land provided by the Christiana Lions.  The Community Council made payments on the debt until 1966 when they ceased to exist.   The payment on the debt was taken over by the Christiana Lions until paid off in 1972.

A look back, Lions through the years.....


The Christiana Lions Club organized a trip to Joplin Missouri to help the residence rebuild from a devastating F5 tornado that destroyed 1/3 of the town on May 22, 2011.  Twenty-seven volunteers departed Lancaster on June 1st, arriving in Joplin, MO on June 2nd.  The volunteers performed a variety of jobs including electrical, HVAC, roofing, cabinetry work, flooring, and masonry partnering with the organization "Rebuild Joplin".  On the groups last day they joined area Lions Clubs in mulching 200 trees planted in April 2012 throughout the community.  The planting of the trees signifies closure for some families, a full circle.  Volunteers arrived back in Lancaster on June 11th, touching many hearts along the way, forming bonds between people and states, an experience of a lifetime, one never to be forgotten. Volunteers: 

  • Lion Dennis Cunningham - Christiana Lions Club
  • Lion Wayne Thomas - Christiana Lions Club
  • Lion Rick Groff - Christiana Lions Club
  • Lion Jim Groff - Christiana Lions Club
  • Lion Shawna Johnson - Christiana Lions Club
  • PDG Lion Bob Eberly - Ephrata Lions Club
  • Lion Bonnie Eberly - Ephrata Lions Club
  • Lion Barron Koch
  • Sandy Koch
  • Elaine Bortman
  • Lion Roy Overly
  • Lion Dave Miller
  • Steve Walter
  • Jaymie Nett
  • Randy Nett
  • Lion Jack Sauders
  • Scott Sokso
  • Greg Sinapi
  • Lion Ray Mitchell
  • Lion Patricia Kutz
  • Lion George Statzell
  • Keith Mendenhall
  • Lion Adrian Stanley
  • Jim Tay


Joplin Relief Fund - Christiana Lion President Jim Groff traveled to Joplin Missouri on July 13th, returned July 24th.  Joplin, Missouri was devastated by an EF5 tornado and Lion Jim was going to Joplin to offer his services. One call led to another, and Lions volunteers began to put Lion Jim's plans into action and within one week the following happened:  The Quilt Ledger donated a pastel work of art, and the Chester County Food Bank donated two skid loads of survivor kits.  Lions and Community members came and signed the quilt, leaving donations for the Joplin Relief Fund and Lion Jim Groff left for Joplin.

More info on Joplin, Missouri:   Joplin was devastated by an EF5 tornado.  It touched down at 5:41pm on May 22, 2011. The massive tornado cut a path of destruction 3/4 to a mile wide and nearly 7 miles long within the city limits.   It left a 13-mile-long trail of destruction through the southwest Missouri city, stripping the bark from trees and smashing homes into unrecognizable rubble.  The Joplin tornado was the deadliest single U.S. twister in more than 60 years, according to National Weather Service records.

The death toll from the devastating tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri, in May is above 154. Hundreds more were and still are injured, and many remain hospitalized.  Nearly 8,000 structures were estimated to be impacted by the tornado. Many homes, along with churches, schools, businesses were destroyed.  

Businesses that made 2011 Barn Bonanza and Christmas in Christiana possible:

Barn Yard, Christiana Beverage, Christiana Borough, Christiana Eye Care , Christiana Fire Company, Christiana Garage, Christiana Laundry, Christiana Masonic Lodge, Clean Stream Water, Inc., Dutchway Farm Market, Harold’s Discount Furniture, Harrison Senior Living, Herr Foods Inc., Hirst Systems, J.B. Zimmerman & Sons, Inc., Shivery Funeral Home, Stoltzfus Feed & Supply, Victorian Heritage, Wal-Mart, Walter and Jackson, Wawa, Wenger & Company, J.D. Kauffman Machine Shop, Lanchester Medical Center, Pasquale’s Pizza, Pipe Data View, Polks Flowers, Angie’s Shampoo & Shave, Apple Auto Sales, Atglen Family Dentistry, and Atglen Veterinary Hospital.  And "Thank You" Betty Rylee for donating (and making) all the cupcakes that are works of art in their own right!

Volleyball Court renovated with financial help from Freedom Life Church.
10 new members joined this year, setting a record.
Dedication ceremony for the “Welcome to Christiana” sign.
Purchased a Soap Box Derby Car.
Replaced the entire water pipe system in community building due to water leak.
Clampett’s Foundation donated $4,000 to Katrina Relief.
Replaced wood seats of the bleachers with aluminum planks at all baseball diamonds.
New Roof installed on Pavillian. 
Purchased permits for the Welcome to Christiana sign.
Scholarships rose to $500 each for Community Service, Outstanding Male Vo-Tech Student and Outstanding Female Vo-Tech Student.  Plaques also awarded. 
Dug out the required areas in preparation for the construction of the new playground in the Lions Park, then installed new playground equipment and graded area.
Installed a hitching rail in the Park.
Talk and plans to construct a new playground area in the Lions Park financed in part by the $10,000 from Lion Earl Henry's estate.
Talks and planning to lease triangle area from the State.
Dedication of the 'Old Timers Monument" located in front of the Lions Community Building.
The Christiana Clampett's "Journey for Sight began on June 20, 1999 in New York, NY and continued through August 18, 1999 ending in Beverly Hills, CA.  This trip was a great success earning $20,000 for their foundation. 
The Christiana Clampetts started planning to make another "Journey for Sight" from New York across the U.S.A to Beverly Hills California.  
Christiana and Parkesburg Lions established the "Student of the Month Program" at Octorara High School.
Established the Christiana Lions Hardship Fund to make donations to needy people in emergency situations.   Lion Bill Gallagher started this fund with a personal donation. 
The Christiana Lions held their first annual "Candlelight Christmas in Christiana."  The goal to have the entire town and surrounding area "Lit up" with special luminaries sold by the Lions. 
Purchased and install benches at 9 locations along the walking path.
Christiana Lions joined the Parkesburg Lions and Lioness Clubs to co-sponsor the Octorara Leo Club.  Erected a new sign in front of the Lions Community Building for advertising fund raisers and service activities.
Constructed a paved walking path around the perimeter of the Park.
The Christiana Centennial Celebration was a great success.  In additional to street banners, proclaiming "FREEDOM BEGAN HERE", a time capsule filled with item of historical interest to be seen 100 years later was buried in front of the community building.  Activities range from an old timers baseball game to a re-enactment of the original borough council meeting.  Lots of citizens dressed in period clothing.
The Christiana Clampetts sponsored by the Christiana Lions Club traveled 1100 miles to Louisville Kentucky on a "Journey for Sight" raising $5,000 for Lions International's "Campaign SightFirst".  The March 1995 issue of the International Magazine "The Lion" published an article on the Clampett's "Journey for Sight" project.
The Annual Tour De Christiana is an internationally sanctioned bicycle race.  Mr. George Metzler was the guiding force that made this popular event go.  The Lions became involved in the areas of crowd control and setting up the race course.  Eventually the Lions and the local bicycle club took over the running of the races. 
Christiana Lions presented the "Christiana Clampetts" (Jeb & Granny) on a float (29 Chevy "HUCKSTER" Truck) in the Lions State Convention parade at Valley Forge.  A great time was had by all. 
During this time, Christiana Lions honored individual Lions and civic minded citizens for their service to the community.  Among them, Mayor Brayton Hershey, Lion James Cauller and Lion William Ressler. 
To celebrate the 45th Anniversary of our Lions Club, the Lions Shows were revived with a nostalgic review of past years shows.  It played to a packed house.  These shows were so successful that the Club continued to produce them for a number of years. 
Christmas in Christiana House Tour was born.  Lion Jim Groff was the guiding force.
Constructed a pavilion in the Lions Community Park complete with picnic tables, lights and water.1984 Bulletin board sign erected at front of Lions Community Building.1984 installed drainage system.
Meals on Wheel began operating guided by Lion (Rev.) John Nesbitt.
Since the early days the Christiana and Salisbury (Gap) Lions Clubs held joint meetings during the Christmas Holidays.  In 1973 it was decided to drop the gift giving at these meetings and use the money to sponsor a Christmas party for the visually impaired staff and clients of the Lancaster Sight Saving Center.  This affair has grown from the Christiana and Gap Lions sponsoring the party to all the Lions Clubs in Zone "B", Region I being involved today, a total of 5 clubs.  
Tennis/Volleyball courts were added to the Lions Park Facilities.
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