Lion of the Year Award

June  2023

Lion Luci  received the Lion of the Year award for 2022-2023 

Melvin Jones Fellowship

The Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) is the backbone of our foundation. Presented to those who donate US$1,000 to LCIF or to people for whom a donation was made by others, it’s a tremendous contribution to humanity and to the legacy of our founder, Melvin Jones.

We had 2 members of the Cold Spring Home Pride Lions who received this award in 2022.



See Clearly KidSight Award


HISTORY of Cold Spring Home Pride Lions

Spot Light by PDG Janette

In the year of 1974, I thought it might be fun to have a Lionelles club in Cold Spring, so with the help of the Sauk Rapids women, namely Mary Hovanes and Genny Manea, we were organized. In those days there was no affiliation with the men’s clubs, we were strictly on our own. Our main service project was for the people that attended the school for the physically and mentally handicapped. We treated them to parties, gifts, and best of all, our presence there. I can’t believe it’s been 37 years already.

If you have ever attended any of our District Conventions, you must have encountered our Oooga‐ Booga room. How many of you still have your little round blue pins? They might become a collector’s item, plus they get you in the room for nothing, well almost. Even the dignitaries get in on the fun. But this year I’ll be hanging up my brooms and just watch the fun. My old bones don’t move fast enough, but there are quite a few Home Pride Lions to take over. I know they will do a very good job, as they always have in the past.

I enjoyed being on the Cabinet, to be able to make friends with so many Lions, plus you can make a difference. They listen to you and of course I have learned so much listening to all the input by the various Lions attending the Cabinet meetings. Another project I’ve enjoyed was working with all of the ladies in the District. It was exciting when they switched to being a Lions club, and helping them do the paper work that needs to be sent to Lions International. I believe Linus and I organized 16 Lioness clubs, of which 12 clubs converted into Lions clubs. These were some of my most proud moments, to see them receive their Lions pins and new member packets.

One of my accomplishments was to be the first 5M8 lady governor. Due to a few “technical errors”, none of my doing, (male dominance) I did get elected the second time I tried. I was District Governor in the year 1999‐2000. It was a lot of work to get things done on time, but worth every minute. I learned so much about Lionism that year. I just hope I made a difference.

And last but not least, I’ll tell you a little about myself. I am the oldest of 9 children, my mother had three sets of twins, the oldest set died at birth, and I have 5 siblings living. I went to various grade schools, from St. Cloud to Sauk Centre. I graduated from the eighth grade, and then went to work. My place of employment was Peters Market, then I moved to the big city of St. Paul, and the rest is history. I met Linus when we lived in Cold Spring, and were married on October 19th, 1954. We were blessed with 7 children, four boys and three girls. We have 12 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. It gets kind of busy around the holidays. It’s been a full life for us; I believe it’s time for me to retire. I’ve enjoyed life to the fullest, especially my time with the Lions; I’ve learned a lot through Lionism, of which I have so many good memories. Be seeing you around, at a meeting or picnic.

Love you all, PDG Janette Dingmann



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