Columbus Northeast Lions Club

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Greetings from Columbus Northeast Lions Club.  You are invited!

Lions Clubs International is the largest service club in the world, and we are a part of it. Since 1952, Columbus Northeast Lions Club has been a continuously
active force for good in the Central Ohio area.  Lions motto, “We Serve.”

Our new members --

Expand, and increase our eyeglasses collection box presence throughout the Central Ohio community. We collected 10,000 eyeglasses for the poor in 2020.
Way to go!  New members can do more!

Extend our presence at the Muirfield Memorial Tournament where we volunteer.  This is a great way to meet other Lions.  Opportunities are available Wednesday
through Monday of the event contact for days and hours available. Members of our club organize Saturday's volunteer shifts.  A great start to a good change of pace.  Rain or shine, we are
well met to benefit Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Imagine being overrun with t-shirts and stuffed animals to help our neighbors enjoy Special Olympics.  We are a most-popular tent attraction of this event,
and enjoy the exhaustion and nearly-controlled chaos of making Olympians and their families feel welcome. This is who we are.  The event is always the
last full weekend of June.  Mark your calendars!  People can volunteer without being members, and mentioned on our website.  Come join this rewarding experience,
and a chance to learn about Lions Clubs.

We cover our administrative costs through our membership dues.  100% of charitable funds goes to charities we support.

In 2018, we added diabetes testing skills for our members.  As diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, we set up our booths at other events.  This gives the public easy access to this important awareness.  We provide them with something to take, in hand, to their physicians.  New members means reaching more people with this life-saving service. Suspended by Covid-19 pandemic.

“Where there is a need, there is a Lion.” 

Welcome, from all walks of life, to support the idea of making the world, from local to global,  a better place from our presence; a presence you can post on your resume.  See you soon!

You do not have to be a Lion to volunteer. Contact for other volunteer programs available. 

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