• Heart and Lungs association of Greece
  • Organization of Mistreated and abused Women and Children-Donated Clothes and Computers
  • Armenian Old peoples home-Heating Oil
  • Pikpa Pendeli-Chocolate Baskets to the Children for Easter
  • Mitera Association- Ultra sound Machine
  • S.O.S Village – Vari-Clothes and Shoes and Sponsored the Pita Cutting Event
  • Sponsored Eye Doctors Visit to S.O.S Village

Hellenic Heart-Lung Transplant Association

The Hellenic Heart-Lung Transplant Association - HHLTA was founded in 1991 by the first Greek patients who had a heart or lung transplantation. The overriding aim of the Association is to spread the idea of organ donation and transplantation. For this purpose the Association organizes a number of events and interventions in relevant state bodies and works closely with the National Transplant Organization of Greece. The HHLTA is an active member of the European Heart-Lung Transplant Federation representing Greece. Our club donated our time and money. We also planted a tree at Syntagma Square.

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Mitera Orphanage Center

We have been involved with the Mitera Orphanage Center. The Center hosts 102 children ranging from infants to six years of age. Roughly half the children who reside at the Center are orphans, while the remaining have been abandoned by their biological parents. The center also hosts single pregnant women and covers their expenses to give birth.

Over the past year we have been spending time and aiding when needed. We donated a Mobile Ultrasound machine to help the staff provide care to the expecting mothers. During our Easter visit we donated Candles and Baskets of Chocolate and Traditional Greek Easter bread Tsoureki.

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Shelter for Abused Women and Children.

The Shelter for Abused Women has been operating since 1993 and assists all women who have suffered abuse. Specialist staff at the Shelter, provide women and children with a safe haven, protection, security, psychological support and social discretion.

During the past year we got to know the staff, our Club has donated Computers and Printer. We also have collected and donated clothes for the women and children.

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PIKPA Pentelis

Pikpa provides social services to children and their families. Especially to orphaned infants and toddlers who need social care, protection and rehabilitation.

Over the years we plan visits to meet the children and the staff. And help when called on, we have donated Chocolate baskets and Candles to the children.

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