I would like to introduce myself, I am Lion David Brodie and I have finally stepped up and took the challenge of being President for the Cornwall Lions Club.  I would like to thank all of the support from my fellow lions members to put their trust in me on this 2014-2015 term as president. I have been an active member for 23 years and help all positions in the club but never president till now.  We are celebrating our 75th anniversary this year, and what a year it is going to be.

Cornwall Lions Club is  one of the largest in the area and oldest too.  I am proud of being a Cornwall Lions Club member.  I was inducted into lions by my late father Lion Ian Brodie when he was president and it was a proud moment for both of us, as most members do not get that chance in a service club you both are in and love supporting.

With the mandate of "SIGHT FIRST" we strive to reach out to the needy of assistance in the field of vision problems in our community.  We are activein many fund raising eventsin the community: Annual Sports Award Dinner for ALL sporting athletes and coaches and support staff in the surrounding area in school and community; the Annual Lobster Fest Dinner, Carnival, Christmas Cake Drive, and other charity events to raise funds to assist in supporting the community and surrounding area.

In this term as president my goal is to increase the roster of lions members in the club, retention is a big thing these days in any service club, and Lions International is no different. expand on fund raising if possible,have MORE ladies night for social gathering and mingling.

I know of one lion that is very proud of me for taking on this task, and I wish he was here to watch me and assist me through the steps, but I know he will be there beside me in every task and decision to help me out from above watching over me.  Thanks Lion Ian (Dad) for bringing me into Lionism.

"We Serve".

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