Lions International is dedicated to providing eye care for those in need, and to that end, we always are on the lookout for new or low-cost solutions for the people we serve.  Currently, a company called Zenni Optical (click here for their website) offers eyeglasses for as low as $6.00!  This cost includes your prescription and a pair of frames that you choose.  Note however, $6.00 is for a very basic set of glasses; they have frames of varying prices and styles.  They have BIFOCAL AND PROGRESSIVE lenses starting at $17+cost of frames (Bifocal) and $27.95+cost of frames (Progressive).  The video below shows how to order from their website.

*PLEASE NOTE* Zenni Optical does not provide eye exams, only glasses.  If you are in need of an eye exam, this link covers what different prices are available for eye exams.

Donate your used/new eyglasses, hearing aids, printer cartridges, and cell phones!

We are always looking for donations!  We sort your used eyeglasses, clean them,
and then ship them off to Vallejo to be inspected, sorted by prescription, and then
shipped to third world countries to be given to those in need FOR FREE! We also will recycle any hearing aids, printer cartridges, or cell phones (also known as E-Waste) properly.

You can drop off your used eyeglasses, cell phones, cartridges, or hearing aids at our clubhouse:
86 La Plaza, Cotati, Ca, 94931 (right behind the Adobe Fire Station)

Look for the blue and gold mailbox out front, this is the donation station.


Thank you for any and all donations!

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