On January 13, 1879, Melivn Jones was born s at the Cavalry Outpost at Fort Thomas, Arizona.  The first seven years of this young man's life were precious times, since the Apache Indians were making their last stand against the white man's encroachment. Eventually the Jones family was transferred to Illinos.  He moved to Chicago in his twenties and got a job in insurance. By the time he was 33, he was the sole owner of his own insurance agency.

     He became a member of a local Business circle who's slogan was literally "You Scratch My Back, and I'll Scratch Yours".  In 1915, he was elected secretary of this group but increasingly wondered if the men's talents could better be put to work in unselfish service in other areas of community life.  He reached out to other business groups in other cities to solicit interest in forming  a national association focused on community service.  On June 17, 1917, 20 delegates, representing 27 clubs from various parts of the United States, met to form what is now knows as Lions Club International.  The Association became international in 1920, when the Lions Club of Detroit chartered the Windsor Ontario Lions Club, in Canada.  Since that time, this organization has grown to number 1.4 millions member in 46 thousand clubs, in 201 countries on six continents.

     Lions Club International recognizes outstanding individuals by bestowing on them an award that is named for its founder, Melvin Jones. The Fellowship Award is the highest form of recognition and embodies humanitarian ideas consistent with the nature and purpose of Lionism.  The recipient of this award becomes a model because of the exemplary service to his or her club and the community for which it serves. There are more than 476,000 Melvin Jones Fellowship recipients worldwide.

Previous Melvin Jones Fellowship Award recipients meet each year to discuss potential award recipients. An award is not granted each year. It is instead granted only if there is a Lion who earned it. This decision is made by previous award recipients only. The Officers, Board, and other Lions do not weigh in on this decision.

We are proud to have within the Narragansett Lions Club individuals who have received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award.

The Coventry-West Greenwich Lions Club is proud of the club members who have received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award. 

  • Louise A. Barry                                  8/2/2021
  • Sally Ann Schroth                              2/6/2020 
  • Richard S. Liner                               9/17/2015
  • Arthur Lavoie                                   2/17/2010  
  • Raymond E. Adams                         7/16/2008
  • Raymond Cimini                                 5/3/2007
  • Frederick L. Wilhelm.                       2/28/2006
  • Peter H. Jones                                   6/6/2005
  • Leo Lamoureux                                11/4/2005
  • John F. Armstrong                            1/29/2004
  • Leo J. Grenier                                  5/16/2003
  • Roy Toliver                                         5/9/2002
  • Melvin F. Blasball                             5/10/2000
  • Richard Carlson                               4/16/1999
  • Harold J. Ennis                                 4/21/1998
  • David Jones                                      5/13/1997
  • James LeBlanc                                 5/13/1997
  • Thomas P. Barry                               4/26/1996
  • Frank R. Kershaw, Jr.                       1/13/1995
  • Robert H. Meehan, Sr.                      1/29/1992
  • Frank J. Iuliano                                 1/30/1991
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