2022 - 2024

Covert Lions Officers

We are proud of the dedication of our new officers.

Lion President Patrice A. Jackson is SERVING her first term as President!


President                                 Patrice A. Jackson

1st Vice President                   Pam Baker

2nd Vice President                 

3rd Vice President                  

Secretary                                  Michilena Dominguez                  

Treasurer                                  George Saleeby

Tail Twister                               Lois Brigham

Lion Tamer                              

One Year Directors                  Jennifer Anderson

                                                  Miriam Saleeby

Two Year Directors                  John Stuckum

Web Master                              Ray Llorens               

Membership Chair                   John Kener


Leadership Chair                       Nancy Dings               

Immediate Past President         John Kener


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