See the attached Flyer:

We are the oldest, continuously operating recycling center in the state of Illinois, started in 1945.


Sorry, we do not accept electronics.

The Crete Lions Recycling would like to remind residents and other users of our recycling services that the only plastic we accept is:

#1   P.E.T./ P.E.T.E clear or green plastic bottles (water/soda)

#2   H.D.P.E.  translucent plastic bottles  (milk/water)

#2   H.D.P.E.  colored plastic bottles (detergent, etc)

The numbers are found in a triangle on the bottom of the items.

We also accept cardboard, paper, newspaper, magazines, glass, aluminum and steel.

Also, the only batteries we accept are automotive and rechargeable batteries; unfortunately, alkaline batteries are not recyclable, and should be disposed of properly.

We thank the community for the continued cooperation of our long running volunteer recycling effort, and remind all to heed the signs on our drop off bins outside our fence to not leave anything on the ground.

Individuals or groups looking for community service hours, or just to help out, can stop by the center at:

1215 Douglas, next to the Public Works garage in Crete M-F from 7 a.m. - 9- a.m., or Sat. from 7 am-noon.

You may also call us at 672-4575; an answering machine will get your message to us during off hours.

Thank you.

Crete Lions Recycling Board

Daniel Mulderink and John Mednansky

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