2023 Lions Committies

What would you like to do?

A. Administration

          1) Club Finance Committees

                   a) Audit Committee – Linda Bengtson   

                   b) Budget Committee – Linda Bengtson

          2) Organization Committees

                   a) Nominating Committee – Linda Bengtson

b) ByLaws/Constitution Committee – Bob Bengtson 

          3) Administrative Services Committees

                   a) Correspondence – Vicki Burt, Kristi Peterson

          4) Public Relations/Communications Committees

                   a) Communications Committee – Doug Reinhart

                   b) CRR Lions Website Committee –  

                   c) Facebook Committee – Phyllis Carlin

       d) Calendar of Events – Kristi Peterson 

       e) District/State Awards – Phyllis Carlin 

          5) Membership

                   a) Membership Committee – Phyllis Carlin

                   b) New Member Orientation - Phyllis Carlin

                   c) CRR Lions Handbook Committee – OPEN

                    d) Club Awards Committee – CRR Lions Board 

                    e) Member Caring – Greta O'Brien

B. Programs

         1) Program Planning Committees

           a) Social Meeting Speaker Committee - 

            2) Social Committees

            a) Summer Picnic Committee – open

                         b) Christmas Party Committee – open

           3) Service Projects

                        a) District/Multiple District Service Committee – Phyllis Carlin

           b) Boy Scouts – Jon Awbrey

           c) Flags for First Graders – Kristi Peterson

           d) Medical Equipment Committee – Russ Groves, Katie Dries

           e) Memorial Park Committee – Randy Peterson 

                        f) Memorial Wall Committee – Randy Peterson  

           g) MS Walk – Phyllis Carlin -

           h) Project Hunger – 

                        i)  Relay for Life – Linda Bengtson

                        j) Road Clean Up Committee – Burt Thompson

           k) Scholarship Committee - Doug Reinhart

4) Vision and Hearing

a) Vision and Hearing Committee – Cinda Awbrey 

b)  School Screenings – Jon Awbrey

c)  Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Liaison – Phyllis Carlin

             5) Fund Raisers

            a) Cans & Bottle Recycling Committee -  Mike Dries, Linda Timm

                         b) Golf Tournament Committee – Mike Chamberlain 

            c)  Limb Dump Committee - Mike O'Brien 

            d) Lions Pride BBQ – Ben Shank, Doug Reinhart

            e)  Lions’ Store Committee – Vicki Burt

            f) Lions’ Train Committee – Mike Gangstead 

                         g) Hot Dog Sales – Mark Schneider



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