Prescription Bottle Recycling

For Doctors Without Borders

The Crown Point Lions Club has learned that Doctors Without Borders are often in need of containers for dispensing medicine on their mission trips.  To assist the Doctors, the Crown Point Lions will be collecting empty prescription bottles for recycling.

How you can help us in this effort…

  • It's  simple …  allow us to place a recycling bin in your building.

  • Promote its presence and this program.

Here's what the Lions will do…

After we collect the empty bottles from your site, we'll …..       

1.   Sort bottles by color and type.

2.   Remove lables leaving no glue or residue

3.   Wash bottles/lids in very hot water and dish soap

4.   Rinse and dry thoroughly.

5.    Replace lids on clean dry bottles.

6.   Place clean, recapped bottles in large resealable                bags marked "Clean Bottles".

7.    Box and ship for Doctors Without Borders


Multiple benefits for this program

  • Keeps plastic bottles out of our landfills 

  • Provides a much needed resource for the Doctors

  • Helps people feel good about helping others


Current collection sites:

St. Mathias Church, Crown Point

Michael and Co. Salon, Highland

Orthopedic Balance and Therapy Specialists, Crown Point

United Methodist Church, Crown Point




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