The Cudahy Lions Club regrets to announce that after 22 years we have decided it is time to retire the Sweet AppleWood Festival. This was not an easy decision, the Club members discussed it over a long period of time and finally decided that it was time to end the Festival. Many factors played into the decision but at the end it is as simple as this, it is just getting harder and more costly to put on a large event like the Sweet AppleWood Festival. The economics of festivals have changed over time and the financial risks have risen to a point that we feel it is better to seek other fund raising ventures. Also as the Club membership has aged it is harder and harder to find the manpower needed to set up and run the festival. We have had tremendous support from the community from the day we started the festival and we will miss seeing the community gather for that weekend every summer. We hope we were able to provide a good time for everyone who attended and the Cudahy Lions thank you all for making the Sweet AppleWood Festival a success for over 20 years. The Cudahy Lions Club


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