2018 Citizen of the Year
As part of The Dartmouth LIONS Club’s celebration of 70 years of service to the community, the Club initiated a program to recognize and honour individuals who have made significant contributions to the community and society. A Selection and Evaluation Committee follows a process which receives input from the community and then assesses nominees against predetermined criteria. The LIONS Club of Dartmouth is pleased to announce its designate of “Citizen of the Year 2018” as Ms Heather Johnson.
From a young age Heather Johnson learned well that there are many and varied people in this world. As a teen she worked at the YMCA. There, she would meet people on social assistance living in Residence, and at the other end of the spectrum, the lieutenant governor was an active member. She was selected as a member of a youth leadership group traveling to the Philippines. She also worked at the Cole Harbour rehab center with the young and old. From Burger King to department manager at Eaton's and now owning a successful restaurant with her partner and husband Ernie Arsenault ... and a few other jobs in between ..., her employment and volunteer history have shaped her into the empathetic woman she is today. Heather has worked with DASC, the Dartmouth Adult Services Center, and other employment programs. Her open-minded hiring practices have led her to employ some wonderful humans.
She is an incredibly generous person, both in her business and personal life. Hundreds of dollars are given every year through Main Street Smitty's, by Heather and Ernie, to churches, schools and other charitable groups. Their physical support of the Lions Mint program, the Dartmouth Players, and others, is greatly appreciated. Feed Nova Scotia, through the food bank, and Margaret’s House, as well as the Seventh-day Adventist meal program, often receive donations of produce. She also collects Food Bank donations, socks and blankets for the homeless and delivers them to Margaret’s House.
Over the years Heather has walked in many parades ... in cognito! Her most recent appearance was as Scooby-Doo last summer, with her partner in crime, Ernie, driving the Magic Bus! Her support of her employees and many friends and family over the years has led her to be known as a special type of human "bean". She would want to share this special acknowledgement with her husband Ernie Arsenault, and assure us her commitment to her community will continue.

Photo from: 
snapd Dartmouth 
Photo by Ken Thompson

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