1. Eye Donation (Prime Project-3)

(Eye bank)

 01.07.2011 - Fist day of the lionstic year 11-12, our club donate two cornea. On the next day both cornea transplanted.


2. Feed for Hunger (Bhandara)

(Food bank / food distribution)

06.07.2011 - Bhandara organised for needy people, approx 1000 nos. of people were having food in the bhandara at ju block(opp district park) pitampura delhi.


3. Aid for the Elderly (Prime Project-1)

(Aid to the elderly / disabled)

26.06.2011- Lion Dinesh Batra, Region Chairperson & Spouse, Lion Alka Batra adopts Elderly Couple on 26.6.2011 under his prime project Aid for the elderly

Club: Delhi Prashant Vihar 

Name: Mr. K. L. Arora, 71 Yrs.
Spouse Name: Mrs. Darshna Rani Arora, 63  Yrs.
Relation: Neighbour
Address: CD-206, Pitampura, Delhi-34
Mobile: 09911117400
Occupation: Retired in 2000 from Ministry of External Affairs
Adopted Members: 2 Nos
1. We (me & my wife) met them at their residence & ask about their problems.
2. I arranged to repair their cooler (as desired by them).
3. I arranged to pay all their pending bills (Elect./Water/MCD House Tax).
4. I gave my mobile number to them & told them that in any time or
in case of any problem, they can call me. and also took their contact numbers.
4. Environment Awareness (Prime Project-2)

(Tree planting)

22-07-2011 our club planted more than 145 plants on 22nd July at park CD Blok, Pitampura, Delhi. Our Chief Guest was Lion Dinesh Batra - Region Chairperson. Lion Pramod Sapra, Lion Amit Gupta, Lion Y.P Arora were present. In this tree plantation Resident Welfare Association (regd.), their officers & ward councellor Mr. Rajkumar poddar were also present there.


5. Independence Day Celebration

LC Delhi City celebrated Independence Day on Aug15, 2011 along with District Governor, VDG1, VDG2 and other dignitaries by Flag hosting at the beach city of pattaya, Thailand.

Tri Colour Kites were flown as mark of celebration. Ln. Deepak Agarwal, Ln Chhaya Agarwal, Ln. Dinesh Batra, Ln. Alka Batra, Ln. Rajesh Bayala and many other club members participated.


6. Candle Light March

(Social / community event)

LC Delhi City in association with RWAs of PitamPura organised a candle light march for support of youth movement of Anna Hazare for a Corruption free India. More than 250 people of all walks of life participated at a short notice. March started from JagdishMandir, FD Block, PitamPura and ended at Shiv Mandir, CD Block PitamPura, Delhi. Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC2 was chief guest for the event. Ln. Deepak Agarwal-President led the march along with Ln. Yashasvi Jain-Secretary, Ln. Rajesh Bayala-Treasurer, Ln. Anuradha Bayala, Ln. Alka Batra, Ln. Deepak Goel, Ln. Chhaya Agarwal.




7. Delhi City Lions Club - e-Clubhouse

Our club Delhi City Lions club now an e-Clubhouse also.
Our club's web site address :

This web site is maintain by Lion Yashasvi Jain(Secretary).
Time to time on web site, update information of our club's activities, projects, imformation of PST.

8. Eye Donation Awareness (prime project)

Lions Club Delhi City arrange Eye Donation Awareness campaign at netaji subhash place, pitampura, delhi-110034. For Eye Donation 10-Hoardings & 20-Banners with 25000 Pamphlets distributed by LC Delhi City members. First Couple of the district, Ln Dinesh Batra(RC-II),  Ln Vivek sheel Thakral also present there.
(In Photo Ln. Deepak Agarwal (President), Ln. Yashasvi Jain (Secretary), Ln. Dinesh Batra (RC) with First Couple of the district.)

9. Joint installation of 5 clubs of region-2, Distt. 321-A2

With afforts of our club members & RC LN Dinesh Batra, 4 more clubs ready for Joint Installation along with our club LC Delhi City. Joint Installation of 5 Clubs of Region-2 (LC Delhi City, Metro, Pitampura South, Delhi South, North-Ex) in Delhi on 3rd Sept. 2011 at Khushi Banquet Hall, MP Mall, Pitampura, Delhi-110034.
We arranged two halls for this ceremoney, one for installation other for snacks & dinner. Ln. Ramesh C Nangia (District Governor), Lion Ajay Kumar Goyal (IPDG), Lion Rajeshwar Kapur (PDG), Lion Jag Jyoti Jain (PDG), Lion Chaman Lal Gupta (VDG-I), Lion Jagdish Rai Goel (VDG-II) & many more dignitiories were present there.

10. World Peace day Celebrated by LC Delhi City & many more clubs

World Peace day Celebrated by LC Delhi City & many more clubs on sep 21,2011 at School, Prashant vihar, Delhi-110085. Our district first Lion & other clubs Lions taking pledge for world peace. Chief Guest Lion Ramesh C. Nangia (District Governer, 321-A2), Region Chairperson Ln Dinesh Batra, Present there.

11. Member ship growth

Under the able leadership of our RC Ln. Dinesh Batra, Ln Deepak agarwal (president) has added a net membership growth of 9 lions as on 30/10/2011.

12. Meeting International President

Ln. Deepak Agarwal (President) alngwith Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC met International president Ln. Dr. Tam in Delhi on 02/11/2011. Few motivational words by Ln Dr. Tam were highly motivating.

13. Attending Dist. GMT/GLT Seminar

Ln. Deepak Agarwal, President alongwith Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC attended GMT/GLT seminar on 20th Nov. 2011 at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Rohini, New Delhi.

We were able to learn about GMT, GLT & Webinar/e-clubs etc from senior lions and perfect faculty. Every praised the beautiful ambiance opted by DG Ln. Ramesh C. Nangia & Ln. Rajeshwar kapoor.


14. BHANDARA (Feed for Hunger)

LC Delhi city organised a Bhandara at Dhaka Vihar, Nangloi, Delhi today on 10/12/2011. Lion Pawan Gupta was project chairman for the project. Chief guest : Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC. More than 1500 persons were served in the activity.


15. Sports

Lions club Delhi City participated in Inter Zonal Cricket match of Region 2 on 18/12/2011 on the pakhwara inaugration. Chief Guest Ln. R C Nangia, DG. GOH-Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC.5 Lions of Delhi city represented Zone 1 along with other lions of the Zone.


16. Blankets Distribution

LC Delhi City Distributed 200 Blankets to the poor and shelterless people on the streets of rohini delhi on the cristmas eve 24th december 2011. Ln. Kamal Chopra, Ln. Yashasvi Jain, Ln. Chhaya agarwal, Ln. Deepak Agarwal went thru the streets of Rohini, Delhi to distribute the blankets. All the Club members namely, Ln. Ghansham Gupta, Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC, Ln. P K Chugh, Ln. Kamal Chopra, Ln. Rajesh Byala, Ln. Dr. O P Kukreja, Ln. Atul Jain, Ln. Pawan Gupta, Ln. Yashpal Goyal etc  contributed for the project. Ln. Kamal Chopra was project chairperson & Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC was the Chief Guest for the project.


17. Environment Awareness

LC Delhi City planted around 50 trees in the neighbourhood park in CD Block Pitam Pura, Delhi of different varities with the help of Municipal corporation of Delhi on 25/12/2011. Ln. Parmod Sapra, CPPO were Chief Guest, Ln. Yashpal Arora, CMPRO,  Ln. S P Goyal, CPO were Guest of honour for the project. Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC, Ln. Narinder Goyal were also present in the event. Ln. Chhaya Agarwal, Ln. Yashasvi Jain, Ln Yashpal Goyal, Ln. Naresh Kumar and other lion members planted trees.


18. Health Check-Up Camp

LC Delhi City orgnised Helth Check-Up Camp on 25-12-2011 at Central Park, CD Block Pitampura, Delhi, team of doctors including ENT Specilist, Optron, Physician, etc participated in the event. 140 peoples were checked for their vision, blood pressure, diabtic, ear, nose & throat diseases. Free sugar checkup done for 90 peoples & reports provided to them. Ln Parmod Sapra, CPPO were Chief Guest, Ln Yashpal Arora, CPRO, Ln, D.K. Agarwal, DCS-Healt Checkup & Ln S.P. Goyal were Guest of Honour. Ln Dr Naresh Kumar were Project Chairperson. Ln Deepak Agarwal President, Ln Yashasvi Jain Secetrary, Ln Yashpal Goyal, Ln Kamal Chopra, Ln Varsha Chopra, Ln Alka Batra, etc participated in the event.


19. Usable Clothes Collection

LC Delhi City Organised an event for collection of usable old clothes on 25-12-2011, at Central Park CD Block, Pitampura, Delhi. approx 500 old clothes were collected.Ln Yashasvi Jain were project chairperson. Ln. Narender goyal, CPPO were Chief Guest. Ln S.P. Goyal, Ln Dinesh Batra were Guest of Honour. Ln Chhaya Agarwal , Ln Alka Batra, Ln Reena Jain, Ln Rajni Bala, Ln Varsha Chopra, Ln Pinki Gupta & other members participated whole heartedly in the event.


20. Sight First

LC Delhi City Organised Free Eye Testing, Eye Checkup, Vision Care, Catract Care, Free Medicines, Free Eye Catract Operations at Dharmarth Ausdhalaya, Firni Road, Vijay Vihar, Rithala, Delhi on 27-12-2011. 150 patients were checked for thier vision by comptrised eye testing & numbers being provided by optron. They are checked by Dr. Geeta, MBBS. All of them provided free Mediciens. 10 Cataract operations were done by her. Project is totally funded by Club resourses. Ln Jagdish Rai Goel, VDG-II, were Chief Guest. Ln Anil Goel, DCT, Ln Reeta Agarwal, ZC were Guest of Honour. Ln Dinesh Batra, RC , Ln Deepak Agarwal, President, Ln Yashasvi Jain, Secratery, Ln Yashpal Singh, etc were present.


21. Anti Female Foeticide Campaign

LC Delhi City Organised Anti Female Foeticide Campaign at Lepracy Colony, Tahirpur, Delhi on 30-12-2011 by educating people regarding the same & distributing 5,000 leaflets to all walks of life. Ln  Dinesh Batra, RC were Chief Guest. Ln P K Chugh were project chairperson. Ln Deepak Agarwal, President, Ln Yashasvi Jain, Secratary, Ln Yashpal Goyal, Ln Yashpal Singh were present.


22. Help to Physically Challenged - Food Distribution

LC Delhi City organised Help to Physically Challenged - Food Distribution at Kodi Colony, Tahirpur, Shahdra, Delhi on 30-12-2011. Around 650 people were served lunch. Ln Dinesh Batra, RC were Chief Guest. Ln Deepak Aggarwal, President were Project Chairperson. Ln Yashasvi Jain,  Secratary, Ln Yashpal Goyal, Ln Yashpal Singh, Ln P K Chugh were present.


23. Help to Physically Challenged - Old Usable Clothes Distribution

LC Delhi City organised Help to Physically Challenged - Old Usable Clothes Distribution, at Kodi Colony, Tahirpur, Shahdra, Delhi on 30-12-2011 by distributing usable clothes. Men & women were provided clothes in pairs. Ln Dinesh Batra, RC were chief Guest. Ln Yashpal Singh Project Chairperson. Ln Deepal Agarwal, President, Ln Yashasvi Jain, Secretary, Ln Yashpal Goyal, Ln P K Chugh were present.


24. Sai Jagran and Bhandara

LC Delhi City & Jai Maa Dharmik Sabha(Regd) Organised an Vishal Sai Jagran & Bhardara at Main EU-CU Road, Pitampura, Delhi on 24-12-2011. Ln Satish Bansal & Ln Yashasvi Jain, Secretary were project chairpersons. Ln Dinesh Batra, RC, Ln Deepak Agarwal , President, Ln Yashpal Goyal, Ln Rajni Bala Goyal, etc were also present. More 2500 people participated in the Jagran & enjoyed Bhandara.


25. Funds & Blankets distribution to Blinds

LC Delhi city distributed Funds & Blankets to Blinds on the New Year 2012 on 01/01/2012 at Cd Block, Pitam Pura, Delhi. Club in associationwith RWA invited Blinds for bhajan/kirtan programme donated funds to each of them & blankets to each blinds. Ln. Deepak Agarwal,President, Ln Yashasvi Jain, Secretary, and all other lions participated in the event.


26. Aid to Visionary Impaired

LC Delhi City organised Welcome new year 2012 by Bhajan Kirtan by Blind persons on 01/01/2012 at Central park, CD Block, Pitam Pura, Delhi. All the neighbourhood persons enjoyed the beautiful recitation of Sunder Kand of Ramcharit manas by 9 blind persons from netraheen sanskratik sansthan, Mangolpuri, Delhi. Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC & Ln. Deepak Agarwal project chairperson. Ln. Ghansham Gupta, Ln Yashasvi Jain, Ln. Yashpal Singh, & all members were present.


27. Eye Donations

LC Delhi City & Ln. Dinesh Batra, RC initiated, convinced & arranged donation of a pair of eyes upon the death of a neighbour on 19/01/2012. Sh. N K Jain R/o CD 213 IIIrd Floor, CD Block Pitam Pura, Delhi died due to chest pain in the early morning of 19/01/2012 survived by his wife & two teen aged daughters. Ln Dinesh Batra took great initiative and convinced the them to donate his eyes and help at least 2 blind persons to see this beautiful world. A team from Gurunanak eye hospital bank was called and the donation has to be performed at Cremenation Ground,Naharpur, Rohini, Delhi. May god rest his soul in peace.

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