Dereham Lions collect used spectacles for recycling which are sent to Chichester Lions who sort them and sent to France who then send them on to third world countries. On average we send about 10000 pairs for recycling.

Collection points opticians in Dereham, Watton, Roy’s Supermarket,



The Dereham Lions Club support GCSE Catering

The Dereham Lions Club have agreed to support Northgate High School’s new GCSE Hospitality and Catering course, to ensure pupils have the equipment they need to pass the GCSE examinations in Yr10 and Yr11.

Teacher Jane Rooke joined the staff in September this year and replaced the old Food and Nutrition course with the new GCSE in Hospitality and Catering. The new course is designed to enable Years 10 and 11 to develop their hygiene and food safety knowledge whilst demonstrating a range of skill to produce high quality products.

Equipment and help is available from the school kitchen but the Lions are supplying knife packs, crockery, baking tins and ramekins to allow the pupils sufficient utensils and skills to fully access the GCSE requirements whilst continuing to hold Chef Table events.

It is hoped that some of the pupils will go on to further their studies as chefs at City College, Norwich. Many of the students already have their own chef whites which they wear on a weekly basis during their practical lesson.

Members of the Dereham Lions are planning to have students help with the Senior Citizens' Party at Northgate School on 7th December when they expect to serve 125 high teas.

Lions' cheque presentation to GCSE Catering group

Lions' cheque presentation to GCSE Catering group




PC Ted

P.C.TED is just one of many Community Projects originating in Dereham Lions Club.

In 1991 John Kay at the time a Dereham Lion obtained the Chief Constable of Norfolk’s approval for two Teddies to be known as P.C.TED to be carried in police cars. They were to be given to young children in distress at accidents and other unfortunate incidents.

To meet this requirement P.C.TED was conceived in HM Prison Wayland under the watchful eye of John Kay who had a special interest in the prison workshop. He obtained permission from the Prison Governor to allow prisoners to volunteer for a community project involving the production of 300 P.C.TEDs using jointed teddies provided by Dereham Lions Club and some scrap denim material.

The project was so successful that additional finance from other Norfolk Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs was sought and a bulk purchase of 1200 jointed Teddies was made and kitted out in denim jackets with the special Norfolk Police/Lions patches.

As time passed the majority of the 1500 P.C.TED Teddies were found new homes and a follow on production was conceived by the Dereham Club. This involved seeking funds once again from Norfolk Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs, many of them made generous donations and 2000 Teddies were purchased along with Norfolk Police/Lions patches and denim material. Unfortunately the services of HM Prison workshops were no longer available so a new production source had to be found. After much searching, the Ladies of the Windmill Quilters Club in Dereham stepped into the breach however, the task proved to be too big for the small Club and Quilters from Fakenham and Norwich were recruited to help. Recently a special re-launch of the Project was arranged at Norfolk Police HQ and Dereham Lions Club continues to provide volunteer sewing recruits with teddies to produce batches of P.C.TEDs to satisfy the needs of distressed children involved in incidents in Norfolk.

As well as riding in Norfolk police cars it is pleasing to record that P.C.TEDs gained his air wings having been airborne with the Norfolk Police Helicopter: He even occupied an 'uncontested seat' in the House of Commons having caught the eye of the Home Affairs Minister on a visit to HM Prison Wayland.

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