Lions Club Dharamshala is running a permanent project under women empowerment scheme. Three courses are going on i.e. Basic Computer (CCA) training course, Cutting & Tailoring Course and Hair & Skin Care(Beautician) Course. Duration of each course is 6 months.At present 140 needy girls/women are in roll. This permanent project started from the year 2011 and upto now nearly 5500 needy girls/ women got benefited from above courses and more than 400 got jobs in different offices and other are earning money for their poor families.These courses are also got affiliated under Community Development Through Polytechnics (CDTP) schemes of Government of Himachal Pradesh State. Eligible students also got Skilled allowance. All these courses are absolutely free of cost to all needy girls/women under one roof called Lions Bhawan Dharamshala. A computer Lab is also established in the premises.
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