Tennessee School for the Blind in Nashville exists because every child deserves an opportunity to learn skills needed to feel competent, confident, and independent. Orientation, mobility, and daily living skills are an essential part of the specialized curriculum. The school serves children pre-school through 12th grade.

Leader Dogs for the Blind, Rochester, MI, serves 'the blind and deaflblind throughout the world. It is an instructional facility dedicated to providing well -trained guide dogs to increase mobility and independence for the visually impaired at no cost to the legally blind. Any Lions Club may sponsor a recipient of the service.

Wodd Services for the Blind in Little Rock, AR, offers counseling for the emotional adjustment to blindness, teaches ways to perform daily tasks at home and work, vocational training for new skills and careers, and employment assistance.

Middle Tennessee Lions Sight Service provides financial assistance to als who do not qualifY for other resources, in obtaining vision related medical treatment. There is a special account for children from birth to age 18 and another for Low Vision aids.

Tennessee Lions Eye Center At Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  The facility is staffed with pediatric ophthalmologist and two orthoptist.  The environment and equipment have been designed to be child-friendly and to make the patient and family comfortable.

Learning Ally provides educational materials in recorded and computerized formats at every academic level from elementary through graduate school.

Tennessee School for the Deaf in Knoxville offers individualized and comprehensive educational programs for deaf children, pre-school through 12th grades.  The school provides a total learning environment that utilizes state-of-the art curricular materials and methods.World Service for the Blind.

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