Past Speakers:

Date:                  08-19-20

Program Host:  Noon Lions Club

Speaker:            Rachel Dilling / Executive Director

Organization:    Habitat for Humanity

Location:           900 Jackson Street / Suite LL5-2E / Dubuque, Iowa

Topic:                Construct or Remodel homes for Habitat Homeownership.

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-556-2195

                   Date:                  12-04-19

Program Host:  Chris Stagel

Speaker:            Chris Stagel

Organization:    National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Location:           350 E. 3rd St. Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Can The River Count On You?

Web Site: 

Phone:               312-754-0402 (1 Mississippi Campaign Chicago)

                           563-557-9545 (National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium)

Date:                  10-30-19

Program Host:  Paul Lewis

Speaker:            Janathan Ismail & Wayne Bichholtz

Organization:    National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Location:           350 E. 3rd St. Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Programs and events that are offered at the Museum & Aquarium

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-557-9545

Date:                  09-25-19

Program Host:  Jim Trannel

Speaker:            John Pregler

Topic:                When, why and how Abraham Lincoln visited Dubuque

Date:                  09-11-19

Program Host:  Michelle Malone

Speaker:            Vicki Jensen - AENP, FNP-BC

Organization:    Unity Point Health - Finley Hospial

Location:           350 N. Grandview Avenue Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                 Wound Care Awareness

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-557-2701

Date:                  09-04-19

Program Host:  Ed Wagner

Speaker:            Carol McEllhiney

Organization:    Paws With A Cause

Location:           4646 S. Division, Wayland, MI 49348

Topic:                PAWS Service Dogs are custom-trained to assist people with physical disabilities

Web Site: 

Phone:               616-877-7297

Date:                  08-28-19

Program Host:  Lisa Kloft

Speaker:            Cindy Kohlmann - Coordinator

Organization:    Pathway of Hope (The Salvation Army)

Location:           1099 Iowa St. Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Helping families overcome challenges like unemployment, unstable housing, and lack of education

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-556-1573


Date:                  08-21-19

Program Host:  Nelson Klavitter

Speaker:            David Klavitter - Chief Marketing Officer

Organization:   Dupaco

Location:           3999 Pennsylvania Ave. Dubuque, IA 52002

Topic:                Dupaco Community aiming to acquire, renovate historic downtown building for new operations center

Web Site:

Phone:               563-557-7600

Date:                  08-14-19

Program Host:  Tony Kepler

Speaker:            Michaela Freiburger - Program Specialist

Organization:    Dubuque Main Street

Location:           1069 Main Street

Topic:                What is happening in Downtown Dubuque

Web Site:

Phone:               563-588-4400

Date:                  07-24-19

Program Host:  Dave Howe

Speaker:            Travis Schrobilgen - Planning Technician

                           John Pregler - Long Range Planning

Organization:    City of Dubuque

Location:           50 West 13th Street | Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                2017 Comprehensive Plan Executive Summary

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-589-4210


Date:                  06-26-19

Program Host:  Sara Garcia

Speaker:            Megan Ruiz - Executive Director

Organization:    Presentation Lantern Center

Location:           900 Jackson Street | Suite LL5-1 | Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Educational opportunities and advocacy to adult immigrants

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-557-7134


Date:                  06-05-19

Program Host:  Jack Frick

Speaker:            Wendy Runde - Vice President & General Manager

Organization:    Diamond Jo Casino

Location:           301 Bell Street - Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Diamond Jo

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-690-4965


Date:                  05-01-19

Program Host:  Jane Steele

Speaker:            Eric Stierman - Dubuque County Treasurer America Rivers Phase III & Kristin Hill - Bee Branch Communications Specialist

Organization:    Bee Branch Creek Restoration - City of Dubuque

Location:           50 W. 13th St. Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                America's River Phase III

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-690-6068 (Kristin Hill)

Date:                  04-17-19

Program Host:  Marie Trannel

Speaker:            Mike Lenstra

Organization:    Trivingo - is a product of Alexxus Entertainment

Topic:                Trivia+Bingo=Trivingo / How this is the ideal solution for parties and fundraisers

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-275-6501

Date:                  04-10-19

Program Host:  Jim Trannel

Speaker:            Bruce Howes

Organization:    St. Vincent de Paul

Location:           1351 Iowa St. Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Services that St. Vincent de Paul provides

Web Site: 

Phone:               563-584-2225

Date:                  12-12-18

Program Host:  Rick Kizer

Speaker:            Darlene Bolsinger

Organization:    Hillcrest

Location:           2005 Asbury Road, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Reflections in the Park

Web Site:

Park Location:  Louis Murphy Park, 1700 South Grandview Av., Dubuque, IA.

Phone:               563-583-7357

Date:                  12-05-18

Program Host:  Ed Wagner

Speaker:            Cathy Goodman - Director

Organization:    Mystery Dinner Theater

Location:           Stone Cliff Winery - (Historic Star Brewery, 600 Star Brewery Dr., Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Topic:                Up coming plays, Dates, Four course meal and Overview of cast and play preformances 

Web Site:  

Reservations:   (563)583-6100

Date:                  11-28-18

Program Host:  Mary Trannel

Speaker:            Wally Wernimont - Asistant Planner

Organization:    The City of Dubuque

Topic:                Researching A Historic Property

Web Site:

Location:           50 West 13th Street, Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Date:                  11-14-18

Program Host:  Jane Steele

Speaker:            Nicole Breitbach - Executive Director

Organization:    American Red Cross of Northeast Iowa Chapter

Topic:                The mission / values and services that the Redcross offers.

Web Site: 

Phone:                (563)564-4564

Location:           2400 Asbury Rd. Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Date:                  11-07-18

Program Host:  Jim Trannel

Speaker:            Matt Klutzaritz - Scout Executive / CEO

Organization:    Boy Scouts Of America

Topic:                What is happening in the Northeast Iowa Council in the present and in the future.

Web Site: 

Phone                (563)556-4343

Toll Free            (800)866-2721

Location:           10601 Military Rd. P.O. Box 732 Dubuque, Iowa

Date:                  10-31-18

Program Host:  Geranda Keppler

Speaker:            Mary Jo Kluesner - Personal Trainer

Organization:    YMCA

Topic:                Stay on track, meet your personal goals and live a healthier life.

Web Site: 

YMCA/YWCA Phone: (563)556-3371

Personal Phone:        (563)590-7875

Location:           35 North Booth Street Dubuque, Iowa

Date:                  10-24-18

Program Host:  Nelson Klavitter

Speaker:            Kristina Ann Beytien - Proprietor

Organization:    Upcycle Dubuque

Topic:                Creative reuse center - turning unusable materials into new and creative items.


Phone:                (563)213-4465

Location:            1838 Central Ave. Dubuque, Iowa

Date:                  10-17-18

Program Host:  Gene Noonan

Speaker:           Richard Congdon - 1st Vice District Governor

Organization:    Iowa 9NE Lions District

Topic:                Membership, Leadership and Lions Clubs in 9NE District

Web Site:

Date:                  10-10-18

Program Host:  Tony Keppler

Speaker:            Geranda Keppler

Organization:    Northeast Iowa Community College

Topic:                Self motivation for self-esteem

Date:                  10-03-18

Program Host:  Dave Howe

Speaker:            Wendy Mihm-Herold - Ph D Vice President Business & Community Solutions

Organization:    Northeast Iowa Community College

Topic:                NICC helps high school students and non traditional students and how to save on college loans by attending NICC 

Web Site: 

Phone:               (563)556-5110

Date:                  09-26-18

Program Host:  Josh Hickey

Speaker:            Dick Bridges - Past Connander, Flag Sales

Organization:    The American Legion of Iowa Post 6

Topic:                 Purpose of the American Legion, programs within the American Legion and Veterans that are eligibilty to join

Web Site:  

Phone:               (563)583-0306

Date:                  09-20-18

Program Host:  Jane Steele

Speaker:            Julia Woodhams RN, BSN (Crescent Community Health Center) - left and Irene Ernst from the Marshall Islands - right

Organization:    Crescent Community Health Center

Topic:                 Awareness regarding health status, chronic illness and general health maintenance on the Marshall Island and within the United States.

Web Site:  

Phone:                (563)690-0301

Date:                  09-05-18

Program Host:  Rita Fuerstenberg

Speaker:            Susan Henricks, Ph. D. (Library Director)

Organization:    Carnegie-Stout Public Library

Topic:                 What the Dubuque public library offers

Web Site:  

Phone:                (563)589-4126

Date:                  08-23-18

Program Host:  Joyce Granback

Speaker:            Thomas Robbins - Direactor, Heritage Center

Organization:    University Of Dubuque

Topic:                Up coming events at the Heritage Center

Web Site: 

Tickets:             (563)585-7469

Date:                  07-18-18

Program Host:  Keri Blum

Speaker:            Abigail Degenhardt & Rex Otey

Organization:    YMCA / YWCA

Topic:                What the Y's offers and the expansion of their


Web Site: 

Phone:                (563)556-3371

Date:                  07-11-18

Program Host:  Jerry Bell

Speaker:            Brian Gilligan

Organization:    Sisters of St. Francis (Dubuque, Iowa

Topic:                 Providing water accessibility in Honduras and


Web Site: 

Phone:               (563)583-9786

Date:                  06-27-18

Program Host:  Sara Garcia

Speaker:            Officer Kane Hoffmann

Organization:    Dubuque Police

Topic:                K-9 Unit

Web Site: 

Date:                  06/06/18

Program Host:  Ed Wagner

Speaker:            Sue Riedel, Artistic Director and Theater


Organization:    Bell Tower Theater

Topic:                How the Barn Community Theater revolved into

                           the Bell Tower Theater, and up coming events.

Web Site: 

Phone:               (563)588-3377

Date:                  05/30/18

Program Host:  Joe Trannel

Speaker:            Marina O'Rourke (Director of the Academy of

                           Ballet)(Artistic Director of the Dubuque City

                           Youth Ballet)

Organization:    Academy of Ballet, DCYB

Topic:                Background informatlion of the Academy of Ballet

                           and the art of ballet

Web Site: 

Phone:               (563)583-2047

Date:                  05/23/18

Program Host:  Marie Trannel

Speaker:            Diane Fasselius, RN, BA

Organization:    Hospice of Dubuque

Topic:                Types of Care, Hospice Privides Comfort, Quality

                           of Care

Web Site: 

Phone:               (563)582-1220

Date:                  05/16/18

Program Host:  Jane Steele

Speaker:            Jeff Holder (President Millwork Marketplace)

Organization:    Dubuque Millwork Marketplace

Topic:                Millwork district

Web Site: 

Phone:               (815)978-9280

Date:                  05/09/18

Program Host:  Jim Trannel

Speaker:            Steven Ulstad (Dubuque Arboretum Board)

Organization:    Ulstad Architects

Topic:                Different gardens within the Dubuque Arboretum

                           & botanical Gardens and their Volunteers

Web Site: 

Date:                  05/02/18

Program Host:  Mary Trannel

Speaker:            Ann Decker (Director)

Organization:    Special Spaces Dubuque

Topic:                Creates dream bedrooms for children with life-

                           threaten medical illnesses.

Web Site: 

Date:                  04/25/18

Program Host:  Clem Steele

Speaker:            Brian Preston (Executive Director)

Organization:    Dubuque County Conservation

Topic:                County Parks & Bridges

Web Site:


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