The town of Dumfries is the largest in SW Scotland with 30,000 inhabitants and it is also known as Queen of the South. It is well placed astride the river Nith, a few miles inland from the Solway Firth. Dumfries, situated 35 miles from Carlisle and 80 miles from Edinburgh, is easily accessible by road and rail and can offer the visitor a variety of interests with many things to do and see both in the town and in the surrounding countryside.



The town was once a thriving medieval sea port and the burgh is steeped in history, one of its most famous inhabitants being Robert Burns the national bard who lived, worked and died in the town aged 37 in 1796.




The town is a gateway to the great outdoors situated in Dumfriesshire and Galloway and its landscape never fails to amaze visitors. The area is a microcosm of the Highlands with mountains, lochs, rivers and rolling uplands. There is no need to go any further north, because whether you are a walker, a fisherman, a golfer, a water sportsman or simply a tourist who just likes to visit historical sites, museums and gardens, then Dumfries is the place for you.


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