LIONS CLUB OF DUMMALADENIYA – Work Program for Year 2015/2016

Club Theme - “ALIVE  TO  THE  NEEDS”.

District GovernorChristie Nanayakkara MJF,
Theme – “Inspire People”,

Values – God Governance, Unity & Harmony.

International President – Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada,



DG’s program of Services –(Three E’s)

Eye care – Fighting blindness – screen elderly, children, provide spectacles, facilitate Cataract surgery & other services required.

Education – knowledge & Skills development of mankind create healthy & prosperous communities and nations. Provide education on Health & Safety issues, Develop Skills of Youth to be gainfully employed.

Environment – save the environment of the future generations. Encourage home gardening, Tree planting, Disposal of waste, Practice 3R’s Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.

Centennial Year Service Challenge – (CSC).

Youth – August,
Vision – October,
Relieving Hunger – December / January,
Environment – April. Program to continue up to year 2017 / 2018. (Special recognition for -services.)

Philosophy to be adopted in conducting projects : all projects are to be under the primary responsibility of the Project Chairperson and each project to have a project chairperson. Each Lion and Lion Lady would be included in at least 2 projects so that all family members are involved in club service activities. Members should enjoy serving the needy rather than let it seem to be a burden.

The Ongoing & Other Projects, were discussed at the planning meeting to arrive at a consensus of the best fit for the club. The selection of projects are in line with the DG’s program of services & CSC & also based on availability of funds in the Services account.

Publicity and Fund raising : Community service projects require the most important funds that we need to raise from the public to bridge the difference between the funds requirement and our collective  personal contributions. To enable us to go to the public for much needed financial assistance it is imperative that we create the necessary image of ourselves through successful community service projects that we had conducted in the past.


Service Activities

Projects of May 2016

Project done in Catherene Pabronia Mawatha, Ulhitiyawa South in Wennappuwa, by
the Lions Club of Dummaladeniya today 22nd May 2016 at 4.30 pm at the residence
of Lion Ivon Tissera's for 10 families got affected by the last floods. President of the Club,
Secretary, I.P.President, Treasurer, incoming President, Project Chairperson & spouse,
Membership Director Lion Lady Mallika and the President of the Leos club of
Dummaladeniya participated for this event. The cost of this Rs.1,500/= for each
pack was collected from the members of the Club.

Wennappuwa North area "Randiyagama" Colony where nearly 16 houses were affected
badly with the heavy rain and Lions Club of Dummaladeniya decided to collect funds
from the Club members and donated 16 dry ration packs today (21st May 2016) at
about 4.30 pm with the assistance from the Grama sevaka of the area. We distributed
these nearly with the cost of Rs.1,500/= each and also donated a bottle of disinfectant
to use in the house after wash and cleaned properly. The Club President, Secretary,
Project Chairperson, Incoming President, G. L. T. Coordinator, and few members with President
of the Leos Club of Dummaladeiya were among the participants with Lion Ivon Tissera.

11th Annual District Convention of District 306B1

The International Association of Lions Clubs 11th Annual District Convention of District 306B1 had held at Pesasus Reef Hotel, Wattala on 14th & 15th May, 2016. In this great occasion Lions Club of Dummaladeniya had two awards;1st Runner up for Caring for Differently Abled & 2nd Runner up for Sight for Kids.

Projects of April 2016

Donated 10 Dry-rations Packs (Each Value LKR 1,500/-) for the poor families living in the village
of the blind, called "Nayanalokagama" in Negambo before the Zone Social on 17th April, 2016.
Total Value of the Project - LKR 15,000/-.

Donated Dry-rations (Total Value LKR 15,000/-) to Dummaladeniya Children Home, Sadasarana Children Home at Lunuwila, Salani Home at Thummodara and Provided Nutritious Soup (Total Value LKR 2,000/-) to inmates of Meth Niwasa at Wennappuwa on 09th April, 2016.

Handing over the spectacles of 33 selected students in four selected schools in North Western Province, Puttalam District by Lions Club of Dummaladeniya. After sight screening of 442 no of students from Mohottimulla Primary School, Dickwela Primary School, Buthgampala Primary School and the Jangurawa Government School, these 33 students had selected. The value of the Project is (LKR 1800/- Per each X 33 students) is nearly LKR 60,000/-.

Projects of March 2016

The Eye Camp conducted at the Jayasundararamaya in Yogiyana on 22.03.2016 by Lions Club of Dummaladeniya. Donated 287 calibrated spectacles for reading purpose only. 

Lions donated LKR 15,000/- to defray medical expenses to the paralyzed young boy
Mas. Nuwan Buddhika in Wennappuwa on 18th March, 2016.

Lions of Dummaladeniya had conducted Second Vice Governors Honor Meeting on 18th March 2016 at Prince Hotel, Nainamadama. On this occassion Lions of Dummaladeniya had conducted two club projects.

1. Donated Clutches for a disabled person.

2. Donated Rs. 5000/- from Leo Club and Rs. 6000/- from Lions Club of Dummaladeniya
   for medical investigations for a child who´s blood consists of serum copper and also
   for treatments afterwards.

Projects of February 2016

Project no. 01. SIGHT SCREENING OF SCHOOL CHILDREN IN A FEW SELECTED SCHOOLS, PHASE 1. (Service area – Sight Conservation)
Number of schools – 04 in North Western Province
Number of children for screening in 4 schools - 442
Number of children screened up to 31st January 2016 in 4 schools – 102  (in progress)
Number of children detected with sight deficiencies from 4 schools up to 31st January 2016 - 30  (in progress)

Sum allocated for 100 nos. Calibrated Spectacles for children detected with sight deficiencies in Phase 01 – LKR. 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand) only.

Token presentation of a calibrated spectacle to a student with eye Sight deficiency.

Name: Rahiru Eshanka, Year 7S, Lumbini college, Havelock Town Colombo 05. Age  12 Yrs.

Project no. 02. Donation of a pack of Dry Food Rations at a value of LKR. 5000.00 ( Five thousand ) to a needy child (Service area - Relieving Hunger)

Both projects are a part of the Four point Service Areas of the Centennial Service Challenge to serve 100 Million People in need of our services.

Projects of January 2016

Service project implemented on 31st January 2016 Eye Camp at Illanthadiya Church  by Lions Club of Dummaladeniya. The club has spent (LKR) 50,000/= to provide spectacles.

Projects of December 2015

Service project implemented on 20th December 2015 at Meth Nivasa for the 10th onsecurity years in Wennappuwa by Lions Club of Dummaladeniya. The club has spent (LKR) 50,000/= for their necessities such as Clothes, Milk Powder and Sanitary Materials.

Projects of November 2015






Diabetic awareness walk in 29th November 2015. Organized by Lions Club International District 306 B1 with collaboration of District General Hospital, Negambo. Funds Donated (LKR)  5000.

Projects of October 2015

50 children were provided with milk powder that will last for one month on 23rd October 2015 at "Sadasarana Children Home", Wennappuwa. Funds Donated (LKR)  5000.

All inmates provided with nutritious soup as their supper on 23rd October 2015 at "Meth Nivasa", Wennappuwa. Funds Donated (LKR)  3000.

Projects of September 2015







Donated a pair of elbow crutches to a disable person and walker to another disable person. Handed over by District governor 306B1 Lion Christy Nanayakkara at 20th charter celebration of Lions club of Dummaladeniya on 25th September 2015. Funds Donated (LKR)  6000.

The project for children in Gonawila tile mill and at the residence of Lion Denzil Fonseka. Value of the project LKR 28 500. School books and pairs of shoes were distributed & seven lion members attended including Zone Chairperson Lion Ivon Tissera District coordinator GMT Lion Terrence Wijesooriya on 04th September 2015.  Funds Donated (LKR)  28 500.

All inmates provided with nutritious soup as their supper for "Meth Nivasa", Wennappuwa. Funds Donated (LKR)  3000.

Projects of July 2015

Service project done at Nainamadama DJ. hall on 31st July 2015. An underarm crutch was donated to a disable person at Wennappuwa. Funds Donated (LKR)  8000.



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