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October, November, December 2014

Eden Lions Club

Club #011465, District 31-D

Oct. 2 Membership Meeting - Program (Bill Smith)
Oct. 16 Membership Meeting - Program (Bill McLeod)
Oct. 23 Membership Stew Meeting
Oct. 30 Board Board Meeting
Nov. 6 Membership Meeting - Program (Chris Law)
Nov. 20 Membership Program Meeting (Charlie Hall)
Nov. 25 Board Board Meeting (Tuesday Board Meeting)
Dec. 4 Membership Meeting - Program (Jim Barrington)
Dec. 18 Board Board Meeting
Dec. 18 Membership Christmas Party
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Past QUARTER Notes:

 6/26/14 Membership Meeting 

The Board met at 912 Bethlehem on 6/26/14 with President Amy presiding-also attending were
Frank, Bill McLeod, Bob, Peggy, Jim and Fred.

Amy presented the club schedule through December 31, 2014 and this was revised and approved.

Board discussed and approved Sharon’s request to become a member-at-large. Her request comes
because her job has been eleminated at Morehead Hospital. The Board discussed how to proceed
in replacing her as 3rd VP but no action was taken.

Board approved resignation of Joyce Spear from the club. Joyce has told Amy that she wants to
have more time with her family.

Amy advised the Board that the budget for the 2014-15 club year will be presented at the July, 24
Board meeting.

Meeting adjourned.


7/10/14 Membership Meeting 

The Eden Lions Club met at 912 Bethlehem on 7/10/2014 for the first membership meeting of the 2014-15 club year. Mike Haines introduced his daughter Amanda as his guest and 15 members were present.

President Amy proceeded with club business:

• Jim Barrington gave an account of his two trips to Camp Dogwood with the local camp attendees. It was very apparent that Jim and Ann got a lot of enjoyment from these trips and from meeting these campers. Many thanks to them and to Draper Christian Church for making this happen.

• Lion Jeremy Dewberry has resigned because he is moving to Wilmington to take a job with Duke Energy.

• Lion Joyce Spear has resigned to spend more time with her family.

• We have received notice that Lions mints can still be obtained but now from the manufacturer rather than the Lions organization.

• Amy read a letter from Past District Governor Terri Grooms stating that Brighter Vision was $2000 short of goal in our district and that the car winner from Camp Dogwood tickets was Bob Ward from the Rutherford Lions.

• Brighter Vision kick-off is July 26 in High Point.

• The Vision Van visit in June led to about 30 referrals of people for eye exams and glasses. Our club will help 15 as will the Evening Club. Approximately 60 people were screened.

• There will be a district meeting on August 3, to vote on District Governor for our new district-31-0.

• Mike advised that we need to order stew cups-price same as last year-need 5 cases—club approved Mike placing order.

• Discussion about 75th Anniversary Plaque—will possibly place at Library.

Tailtwister Frank did his usual thing and collected quarters.

Bill #1 held the lotto ticket and drew the Ace of Spades—pot totaled $197

Following Pledge, meeting adjourned.


7/17/14 Membership Meeting 

The Eden Lions met on 7/17/2014 at 912 Bethlehem. Peggy introduced guests Whitney Carter and her mother, Barbara Carter. Whitney thanked the club for her scholarship. 

Pat Floyd presented the program on her trip to the International Lions Convention in Canada. 


• Amy discussed the Kaboom Eden project which takes place on August 26. Volunteers are need to build a playground near the Senior Center. A sign-up sheet will be available at next meeting. 

• Brighter Vision meeting on July 26- Amy will attend. 

• Jim Barrington volunteered to help Pat Steed with the stew since Jeremy has resigned and moved. 

• Camp Dogwood was short $2000 from the District but funds have been raised and goal met. 

• Peggy announced that Blood Drive that we sponsor will be 12/4/14. 

• We need 4 delegates to attend the 8/3 meeting to choose the District Governor for our new district. 

Lotto-$18 in the new pot but no winner today. 

Tailtwister Frank collected quarters from all. 

Following Pledge, meeting adjourned.


7/24/14 Board Meeting 

The Board met on 7/24/14 at 912 Bethlehem with Fred, Bob, Sharon, Amy, Mike, Frank, Bill Smith, Bill #1 and Gene attending. 

Amy reviewed the proposed budget and Board was in agreement. 

Stew-Board approved keeping price at $6/quart. Bill Smith to check on butter-can we get 1 pound pieces? Jim Barrington will take Jeremy’s place. 

Discussion about a possible social-will bring up to membership. 

Frank will be our delegate to the August 3 meeting-can have four delegates but no one else has volunteered to go. 

Frank gave a report on Fairgrounds and finances as of June 30, 2014. 

Updating of website-need someone to post to website-Robbie keeps it up but cannot post to it. Sheralene has been doing but cannot any more. Sharon will check with Sheralene and plan to do this. 

Meeting adjourned.


8/21/14 Membership Meeting 

The Eden Lions Club met on 8/21/2014 at 912 Bethlehem with 21 members attending. Bob brought as his guest, Brad Bower. 

Program: Gene introduced Phyllis Cundiff and Tracy Cundiff from Rockingham County Social Services and Jo Wilson who is a foster mother and also Gene’s sister-in-law. 

Tracy is responsible for getting foster homes to obtain the proper licenses to operate. There are 45 foster homes in Rockingham County currently and at the present time 152 children are in the custody of these homes. Usually a child stays in the custody of a foster home for an average of one year.

Phyllis is responsible for adoptions and there are currently 30 children available for adoption through Rockingham County Social Services. The first avenue for an adoption is with a family member or with a foster parent. 

Jo has served as a foster parent and has adopted through Social Services. 


• Riverfest-Chris reported that the Board approved getting a booth and he started circulation of a sign-up sheet for booth duty. 

• Stew-Pat Steed said that Sharon will do order forms but cannot do posters. Boxes needed and food prices are being checked. CB Hut has been reserved. Price still $6/quart. 

• Joe announced that there is a stew tasting contest in Mayodan on November 1, sponsored by the American Legion. The Board will discuss participation in this. 

• Amy announced that the Board will meet next week. 

• Pat Steed said that he will be out of town at the 9/18 meeting and needs to switch program dates with someone. 

Tailtwister Frank fined all who did not attend the last district cabinet meeting a quarter. 

Attendance-Bill #1 

Lotto - Dwight, but no Ace of Spades($66) 

Following the Pledge, the meeting adjourned.


8/28/14 Board Meeting 

The Board met on 8/28/14 at 912 Bethlehem with Jim, Fred, Bob, Gene, Mike, Bill McLeod, Bill #1, Amy, Frank, Bill Smith and Sharon attending.

• Chris advised that he needs Board approval to order 1case each of pumpkin and apple fruit butter. Board approved.

• Eye referrals-Need to get list from Norma Jean that came from Vision Van visit.

• Stew-Arbor Ridge to steralize paddles-they did last year. Bill Smith reported that meat price is $552 up about $200 from last year. He will check to see about price on a cheaper cut.

• Fairgrounds-Frank reported that renter is up to date on rent. Insurance has gone up about $100. He is ready to pay premium and property taxes.

• Bill #1 said that he had talked to Al Pena and he wants to be a member-at-large because of family medical issues. Board approved upon Al paying dues owed.

• Vet bill for Murphy-approximately $250-for 2 years-Board approved payment.

• Bill Holcomb-zone chair-has advised that there will be a zone meeting on 9/15 at Golden Corral in Reidsville at 6:45. Also he asked if our club could host a meeting in November. Board approved hosting zone meeting on November 10-Amy checking to see if we will be at 912 Bethlehem or Rio Grande.

• Because so many members will not be at the 9/18 meeting, this has been rescheduled to 9/25-Board meeting will immediately follow membership meeting

• Charlie Hall has the program and this will be the time when we will have the group picture taken for the website.


9/4/14 Membership Meeting

The Eden Lions Club met on 9/4/14 at 912 Bethlehem with 13 members attending. Guests were Ann Barrington, guest of Jim Barrington, Kay Nance, guest of Pat Floyd and Terry Sandiford, who presented the program and was guest of Dwight.

Program: Dwight had Terry Sandiford from the Rockingham County Ageing and Disability Transportation Services formerly known as the Council on Ageing, bring us a program. Mr. Sandiford discussed services provided such as the Scat Bus in Eden, Reidsville and a connector in Wentworth. The hope is to have service to Western Rockinghan County set up by next year. This agency has been operating for 41 years and provides other services such as senior day care on Oakland Ave. in Eden, an active senior center in Wentworth, Meals on Wheels, Meals with Friends and a bowling tournament to help sponsor Caregivers in October.

• Our club will host a zone meeting on November 15.

• Pat Steed passed around the sign-up sheet for work details at the Stew.

• Stew tickets ready-Pat Floyd is ready to distribute.

Next September meeting moved to 9/25—Board meeting will immediately follow. Group photo will be taken at this meeting.

• Sharon Tongbua will remain an active member rather than member at large.

Amelia Seaver has taken a job with Arbor Ridge that will require her to move to Boone-she will be moving to this job on 10/1. Amy to check with her about status and participation in Riverfest and Stew.

• Blood drive at Y today-Lions Blood Drive -12/4.

Frank will have signup sheet for Salvation Army kettle bell ringing soon.
Tailtwister-Frank stumped all when he asked for the famous Melvin Jones quote and all contributed a quarter.


Lotto-Frank failed to draw the Ace Of Spades.

Following the Pledge led by Roby, the meeting adjourned.


Recent News: 

76th Anniversary – Installation Banquet 

June 12, 2014 

President: Amy Nalley 

First Vice President: Mike Haines 

Second Vice President: Bob Futrell 

Third Vice President: Sharon Tongbua 

Secretary: Bill Moore 

Treasurer: Peggy Nesbit 

Tail Twister: Frank Reid 

Lion Tamer: Fred Burton 

1 Year Director: Jeremy Dewberry 

1 Year Director: Gene Hagood 

Two Year Director: Bill Smith 

Two Year Director: Jim Barrington 

Immediate Past President: Bill McLeod 

Webmaster: Robbie Johnson 

Jack Stickley Award: Richard Robertson, David Smith, Mike Haines, Bill McLeod, Bill Moore, Sharon Tongbua, Chris Law, Pat Floyd, Bill Smith, Pat Steed and Andy McBride – Stickley Fellows 

Melvin Jones Award: Fred Burton, David Smith, Bill Moore, Pat Floyd – Melvin Jones Fellows


Delivery Note: 

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MEMBERSHIP                                BLOODMOBILE 

Bob Futrell-Chair                             Peggy Nesbit 

Charlie Hall 

Joe Zanetti                                      PINESTRAW 

Dwight Hopkins                              Amy Nalley 

Joyce Spear                                   Terry Vernon 

Bill Moore                                       Mike Haines 

                                                       Bill Moore 

SCHOLARSHIP                             Chris Law 

Tony Gunn-Chair 

Bob Futrell                                     FAIRGROUNDS 

Bill McLeod                                    Fred Burton-Chair 

                                                      Frank Reid-Sec/Trea 

                                                      Gene Hagood 

STEW                                            Phil Price 

Pat Steed-Chair 

Fred Burton 

Mike Haines                                  EYEGLASS COLLECTION 

Bill Smith                                       Sheralene Thompson 

W.T. Moore 

Pat Floyd                                       BROOMS 

Abner Bullins                                 Ginny Jones 

                                                      Judie Cooke 


Amy Nalley-Chair                          CAMP DOGWOOD TICKETS 

Sharon Tongbua                            Pat Floyd 

Dwight Hopkins 

Andy McBride                               CCTV/VIP EQUIPMENT 

                                                     Jim Barrington 

NOMINATIONS                            Bill Smith 

Bill McLeod 

Frank Reid                                   FRUIT BUTTER 

Charlie Hall                                  Chris Law 

                                                    Joyce Spear 


Joe Zanetti                                  Robbie Johnson 

                                                    Sharon Tongbua 

NEWSLETTER                           Tony Gunn 

Sheralene Thompson

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