If you could save a child's sight with the press of a button, wouldn't you?

The Ellington Lions Club recently completed free pediatric vision screenings for over 600 children ages 3 - 8 in Ellington Schools and Day Care Centers. Over 60 children were identified as having vision issues we recommended for further evaluation by a professional.

Using a hand-held screening device ( Welch Allen SPOT Vision Screener) trained Lions members and volunteers are able to detect common vision issues such as lazy eye, eye misalignment, near and far sightedness, unequal refractive power,blurred vision, and unequal pupil size. The screening is done by a photographic process from a distance of three feet. No physical contact is made with the child and no eye drops are administered. The device is simple to operate and requires only a few minutes of training. 

This program is a major thrust of Lions International. It is a free program, providing quick screening (about 2-3 minutes per child) for children up to 6/7 years in age. Results are generated quickly and on-site. 

This program has been endorsed by the Connecticut Legislature. Many pre-schools and elementary schools  in Connecticut are regularly using this program.

For information about this program offered by Ellington Lions Club, visit the website

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