Gino – The Wonder Dog!


Lions District 201W2 through Zone 9 chairperson, contacted Lions Club of Falcon during July 2013 to inquire if they had members interested in continuing the training of Gino, who had been placed with local female residence?

Mary, one of the trainers with Lions Hearing Dogs in South Australia spoke with members of Falcon to explain procedure and training that was still required for Gino.  The ‘Falcon Ladies’ were keen to assist and these three ladies undertook training with Mary in Mandurah.

As a ‘one off’ Mary had come across from South Australia to train ‘Falcon Ladies’ as they were to take over the next three months of training, checking and assessing of Gino’s skills and drills, along with his owner. This involved three visits each week until SA were able to assess and ‘pass’ Gino as a fully accredited Assistance Dog.  ‘Falcon Ladies’ worked closely with Gino’s owner, to assist her to understand that Gino was a working dog and assist as required with drill practice.

The ‘Falcon Ladies’ as three  people with great hearing,  gained great benefit from ‘hearing’ how being deaf affects the everyday life of people.  Our understanding of how much the brain controls your hearing, proved to be very helpful to us during the months we were working with Gino, as to how valuable Assistance dogs are to a person without hearing.  

Falcon, have continued to follow up with Gino and his owner, and have recently had funds from District 201W2, which have gone towards a yearly premium on Dog Insurance.   As a service to the community, Falcon will continue to keep in contact with Gino and his owner to ensure that dog and owner are working well together.


‘Falcon Ladies’

September 2014

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