AFFILIATE MEMBER:  A quality individual of the community who currently is not able to fully participate as an Active member of the club but desires to support the club and its community service initiatives and be affiliated with the club.  This status may be conferred by the invitation of the club's Board of Directors.

An Affiliate Member may be eligible to vote on club matters at meetings where the member is present in person, but may not represent the club as a delegate at district (single, sub, transitional, provisional and/or multiple) or international conventions.

The member shall not be eligible to hold club, district or international office, nor district, multiple district or international committee assignment.  An Affiliate Member shall be required to pay district, international and such dues as the local club may charge.

Affiliate Members shall be required to participate in at least five (5) club activities a year.

DUES FOR AFFILIATE MEMBER: $18.25 per quarter which includes the $10.25 international fee and $8.00 state fee. The Falls Church Lions Club does not charge local club dues to Affiliate members. While we would love for you to be an Active member and attend dinner meetings, we recognize and appreciate help at any level.

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