Here are some of the projects that the Forada Lions sponsor in our community.  Click on the Underlined Projects for more information.

  • Harvest Pack Community Food Packaging Event
  • Benches at Forada Ball Park
  • Food Shelf Support
  • Eyeglass Recylcing - Forada City Hall
  • Community Santa Days - Forada City Hall
  • Restrooms at Local Beaches - Maple Lake
  • Forada Park Shelters - Toby's Community Park
  • Forada Days - Forada MN - Platinum Sponsors
  • Community Halloween Party - Sponsor Kids Bikes
  • Service Dog Sponsorship
  • Tracker GPS Device for Visually Impaired
  • Tables in Forada City Hall
  • Benches in Forada City Ball Park
  • Kids Bingo - October Bingo to Harvest Pack
  • Jingle Bingo - November Bingo for Jingle Bells
  • Sponsorship of Local Youth Trap Legue
  • Support Adopt a Highway
  • Mowing of Hudson Cemetary


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