A Brief History of the Frenchs Forest Lions Club
The Frenchs Forest Lions Club is believed to have been the first service club in the Forest area. The Club held its inaugural meeting in 1961 at the Soldiers Hall, Forestville, (Forestville Memorial Hall) and it was officially chartered in June 1961, with the Charter Dinner being held at the old Chatswood Town Hall, on the 21 October, 1961. Our sponsor Club was DeeWhy.
Regular meetings were initially held at the Windmill Restaurant, Ralston Avenue, Belrose, then the East Roseville Community Hall, then the Antler Hotel (Parkway Hotel), Frenchs Forest, then the Forestville RSL Club, and now at the Belrose Bowling Club.
Charity fund raising over the years has included, chicken raffles at the Forestville Shopping Centre and the President Hotel, Belrose, art exhibitions, golf carnivals, trots nights, coin collections, theatre nights, chocolate wheels at the Forestway Shopping Centre, BBQs at shopping centre promotions and the sale of Lions Mints and Christmas Cakes.
Annual charity golf carnivals, in conjunction with the Wakehurst Golf Club, have been a major project for the Club during the past decade with over $180,000 donated to various children’s health programmes.
Charities and organisations supported by the Club have included, local schools, local youth groups, facilities for disabled/handicapped persons, hospitals, Salvation Army, the Red Cross and Mobile Blood Bank, cancer and leukaemia research, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis and other Medical Research and Save Sight programmes.
The Club has also been involved in projects such as, funding of the "Paul Jackman Memorial Power Surf Boat" (one of the first on the Northern Beaches), purchase of vehicles for the Warringah Meals on Wheels Service, Citizens Advice Bureau and St. John Ambulance, establishment of a children’s refuge at Ingleside, installation of life preservers at Bluefish Point, North Head, purchase of hospital equipment, installation of fencing and playground equipment at the Community Health Centre, Bantry Bay Road, a rooms communication system at the War Veterans Home, Collaroy, establishment and equipping of "Brickpit Reserve" at Bantry Bay Road, restoration of the Autistic Children's playground at Forestville and the purchase of "David Hart Walking Frames" for Spastic Children.
Frenchs Forest continues to be a strong, healthy Club of over 30 active members, including one of the original charter members, and is well respected in the community. As well as serving the community, the Club has a varied social life for its members' and involves members partners in many of the activities. 
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