Postal Address:
   Goffstown Lions Club
   PO Box 156
   Goffstown NH 030345

Club President (July 2023 - June 2024): 

   Claire Rouillard, Tele 603-494-6144

For membership queries, contact Ms. Rouillard, or as an alternative contact Jen Koblenzer, 603-660-1634


Governance. The GLC is a 501(c)(4) organization for tax compliance. As such, donations to the organization are NOT tax deductible for the contributor. 

Our Constitution & Bylaws, our Conflict of Interest Policy, and a copy of our most recent filing submitted to IRS are public documents. Persons may access these documents as follows:

(1) The Constitution & Bylaws is a standard document for use by all Clubs and it is published by our parent organization, Lions Clubs Internations (LCI). The document is available at this link. At the "Search" function enter the following query: "Standard Form Lions Club Constitution and By-Laws".

(2) The Conflict of Interest Policy is available at the following link.

(3) A copy of our most recent IRS Form 990 filing is available by mailing a written request to our postal address and providing your name and postal mailing address. A request submitted via email or verbally will not be honored.

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