Committee Chairs & Members 2021-2022

Awards & Recognition  Jerry Ables*, Faye Nedderman,

                                          Glenn Jennings

Community Relations  Harold Granek, James Royse,

                                         Rick Crownover

Finance  Jerry Ables*, Larry Baggette, Glenn Jennings

Flags  Rod Heitschmidt*, Jerry Ables, Jeff Nedderman,

             Glenn Jennings, Harold Granek

Membership  Glenn Jennings*, All Members!

Meeting Programs  All Members!

Pancakes  Jerry Ables*, Rod Heitschmidt, Glenn Jennings

Publicity  Harold Ganek*, Rick Crownover

Scholarship  Harold Granek*, Faye Nedderman

Social  Faye and Jeff Nedderman

Vision  Harold Granek*, Jerry Ables

Web Master  Serena Cruz*, Glenn Jennings



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