As you read through this website you may ask yourself "Why don't I belong?" Maybe we can help you decide, we would certainly welcome you.


Here are TEN REASONSwhy you might consider joining us:

  • 1. We give something back to our community.
    It can be difficult for an individual to find meaningful ways to improve his or her community. By joining a community service club such as the Greencastle Lions Club, you will feel a sense of satisfaction from performing valuable community service that will warm your heart and enrich your life. We work together to help thjose who are blind; who have vision impairments; children with diabetes; and those within our community in need of help.


  • 2. We feel a real connection to our community.
    The men and women of the Greencastle Lions Club get together for regular meetings and service projects. We learn about the needs of the community and use our collective resources to meet these needs. By working side by side with fellow Lions you will meet qactive and retired business people and community leaders.


    • 3. We help the youth of our community grow into responsible and productive adults.
      The Greencastle Lions Club established the G.A. Blues Leos Club at the Greencastle-Antrim Middle School. The two clubs work together on many projects. As mentor to these young people you will be modeling responsible and productive behavior.


    • 4. We learn how we can make the world a better place.
      A strong community service organization with many people working toward the same goals can bring about real results. The Greencastle Lions Club has been serving this community since 1944. As part of the world's largest service organization, we join Lions from all over the world to bring about stronger communities and conribute to making the world a better place to live and enjoy.


    • 5. We learn more about our community and world
      At meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month featured speakers bring us information on a wide range of topics; from the workings of the Pennsylvania State Police to updates on treating blindness in Haiti. Guests from other Lions clubs report on the activities of their clubs.


    • 6. We stay connected with community leaders.
      Through our important role in community servixce projects, the Greencastle Lions meet and work closely with leaders of the local Chamber of Commerce, fire and rescue companies, Antrim Township Parks Department, and many other community service groups. Community leaders actively support the work of the club.


    • 7. We help fill the needs of the community not being met.
      It takes the entire community - residents, service clubs, religious organizations, businesses, and government - to identify and solve the problems of our vulnerable residents. Greencastle is a gfreat community because of this strong collaboration. great to be a part of that!


    • 8. We acquire and strengthen leadership skills.
      All Greencastle Lions have the opportunity top work on committeesand projects of interest to them. Members interested in advancement in the Club are groomed for leadership ,roles by attending seminars and workshops. Club leadership changes every year and gives plenty of opportunity for advancement.


    • 9. We find more joy in life.
      See the joy of a parent whose toddler was detected to have possible vision problems at a young age when the problems are still correctible; heqar the profound thanks of a parent whose vision impaired child has received the gift of a seeing eye dog provided by your club; send a visually impaired, hearing impaired, or diabetic youngster to Beacon Lodge, the Lion's Summer Camp for children in Pennsylvania. That's the sound of joy!!


    • We have fun too!!
      10. We play as hard as we work! We attend sporting events, have picnics, parties, and special festive dinner meetings with spouses, friends, and family members.

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