The Harvey Station Lions Club was chartered on November 23, 1968, with 26 Chartered Members. The Oromocto Lions Club was our sponsoring club. The club’s Chartered President was Peter Wood.

In 1971 the Lions decided to start the Harvey Lionews. The first issue of the Lionews was run off and stapled together for the first time on Mar. 26, 1971. The Lionews is still being published to this day.

To find extra funds to support the community the club started up a Bingo. The first night someone in the community hollered bingo was on Monday, March 1, 1976, at the local Rec Center. We still hold bingo but have moved to our own building.

In 1980 the Lions club purchased 4 acres of land to erect their own building. Construction started in August of 1981 with the grand opening on June 12, 1982.

On September 20, 1982 the Lions Club sponsored the Harvey Lioness Club, which had 16 chartered members.

With the Lions club sponsoring the local cadets, the club decided to purchase a van in 1989, for club use and the use of the cadets.

Realizing that their hall was not large enough for the functions going on, the club decided to expand. On April 8, 1990, the club started an extension, and within a few short months moved back into their significantly larger premises.

By 1995, the club decided that it was time to try to do something about the smoke in the building at functions. A smoke system was installed. Bingo nights went from playing and working in a haze, to a clear environment. Even though the system was not perfect, it made the building a little more comfortable.

In 1987 Lions International’s Board of directors passed a motion, allowing women to join Lions Clubs. In May of 2001, the Harvey Lions Club was presented with names of 5 women who were interested in becoming Lions members. All 5 were accepted.

Over the years the Lions have helped sponsor the local cadets, cubs, scouts, and the girl guides, hockey, and ball. We also donate the hall to the Golden Age Seniors Club for meetings twice a month, and to use it for fundraising events.

We continue to serve. On November 24, 2011, the Harvey Station Lions Club will be starting their 44th year in supporting Lionism and the community of Harvey Station.

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