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Thank you for participating in our Annual Flags Across Huffman project. Show your love and respect for this great country and for the many men and women who have served it.

This year, with your help, we hope to display the American flag all over our city.
This is a new project for The Huffman Lions Club.
For your contribution of $40.00 per flag, the Huffman Lions Club will display a 3’ x 5’ American flag in your yard or business on the following patriotic holidays:
 February – Presidents Day         July – Independence Day
 May – Memorial Day                     September – 9-11
June – Flag Day                             November – Veterans Day
*  In case of inclement weather, an alternate day will chosen.
** If flag is rained on, it will be left out until it is dry. (This is to prevent flag from molding)
Phone Number:________________________________________________________________________________
How many flags do you want to display?____________________________________________________________
$40.00 per flag equals a total of $__________________________________________________________________
Date Started:___________________________________________________________________________________
Make checks Payable to Huffman Lions Club Inc. $________________________Check No. __________________
Customer receipt
Name:_________________________________________     Lion rep. name ______________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________Date Started____________________
Total # of flags___________           @ 40.00 each.                        Amount Paid: $ ______________________________
February – Presidents Day          June – Flag Day                                          
September – 9-11                              May – Memorial Day           
July – Independence                   November – Veterans Day
For questions or inquires please contact Lion Tom Landels @ 281-324-6417
Huffman Lions Club Inc. is a 501c-3 tax exempt organization. We will provide a donation receipt and W-9 form upon request. Huffman Lions Club Inc
         P.O. Box 52
                     Huffman Texas, 77336
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