Our weekly bingos are regulated by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and are hosted at Iroquois Legion Branch 370 every Wednesday starting at 7:00 pm.  (Doors open at 5:00.  Sales of cards begin at 6:00).  Our program consists of twenty six entertaining games with a mix of regular games, specials, regular fifty-fifty games, special bonanza fifty-fifty, winner take all, and a jackpot game.  A brief intermission at the half-way mark, provides an opportunity to purchase non-alcoholic berverages, hot and cold snacks.


Game Descriptions

  • 16 Regular Games for a $30 prize
  • 3 Specials for a $50 prize
  • 4 Fifty-Fifty Games in which the winner takes half the sales
  • 1 Winner Take All in which the winner takes the total sales for the game
  • 1 Progressive Jackpot Game
  • Bonanze 50-50



Progressive Jackpot Game

The Jackpot Game is an exciting full card game in which $400 potentially goes to the winner if they fill their card in a designated number of called bingo numbers.  The week after the $400 Jackpot is awarded, the designated number resets to 50 numbers.  Each week, the number of called bingo numbers designated to win the jackpot increases by one.  If there is no jackpot winner, the caller continues calling numbers until some player fills their card to win a consolation prize of $100.  The next week, players will have one more called number to acheive jackpot.



Bonanza is an extra 50-50 game played at the end of the night on special cards purchased at the beginning of the evening.  This game has the added benefit of seeing a preview of the first 50 numbers called (displayed on bonanza board at beginning of the night).  Players may exchange purchased cards not faring well on the first fifty numbers for fresh ones provided they purchase a new card at the same time.  For example, by surrendering two cards you will receive four new cards for the price of two.  Exchanging of cards is terminated shortly after intermission.


Benefiting Charities

  • Dundas County Foodshare
  • Dundas County Hospice
  • J. W. MacIntosh Community Support Services
  • Naomi's Family Resource Centre
  • Winchester & District Memorial Hospital
  • House of Lazarus
  • Iroquois Firefighters Association
  • Iroquois Legion Branch 370
  • Seaway Student Bursaries
  • Ottawa Eye Institute
  • South Dundas Christmas Exchange
  • Morrisburg Santa Parade

Note:  The benefiting charities may be modified with each renewal of our license.  The above list represents local charities normally retained on our list.

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