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  • Our 2023-2024 Service Goals

Membership Diversity: To increase age diversity by recruiting at least 8 new Lions who are 50 years of age or younger (increasing membership by at least 10 %)

Membership Engagement: To increase membership engagement by requiring that those JC Lions that are able participate in at least 4 service events per year

Membership Cost: JC To reduce annual membership cost by 5%  ($17)

Public Fundraising: To increase public fundraising by at least 5%

Health: To add at least one additional childhood cancer and one or more diabetes projects

Hunger Relief: 

  • To increase member participation in Summer Lunch for Kids Program to 60%
  •  To increase Club deliveries for food products from the Peninsula Food Bank to FISH to 16 tons annually
  • To add at least one new project to address hunger relief

Youth Vision: To increase response rate on referrals by 5% for Head Start and WJCC schools





















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