Application for Assistance


The Capital Area Lions Joint Sight Conservation Committee (aka Joint Sight Committee) is composed of Lion members from the Juneau Lions Club and the Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lions Club. 

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • provide glasses to the needy, as determined by the committee, particularly children of school age;
  • provide assistance for the visually impaired;
  • cooperate with other organizations interested in sight conservation; and
  • further legislation for the visually impaired in the Capital area.

What this means for you is if you are in need of a pair of eyeglasses and financially unable to purchase them yourself, the Joint Sight Committee may be able to help you financially. The amount provided for the cost of eye exams, single vision glasses, bifocal and trifocal glasses, are subject to approval of the committee after all criteria are met. 

If you are in need of financial assistance for eyeglasses, please contact us at
or click ​HERE for a copy of the Application for Financial Assistance.  Be sure to fill it out in its entirety and mail to the address given.  Remember, the Joint Sight Committee is the last resort for financial aid so be sure all other avenues have been exhausted.  Thank you. 

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