Have you ever wondered what we as Lions do for our community?  Below is a snapshot of the projects, fundraisers and service we provide throughout a year. Of course there is some behind the scenes emergency support to individuals in our community as well as financial support given to many organizations.  We are committed to serving our community and enjoy our time together while serving. Ask one of our Lions about how you can become a member.

DATE                           EVENT

May – October         Party Tent Rentals

May – October         Kendall Lions Lending Library @ Partyka’s Farm Market

August                      Lions Steak Roast

September                Club Clam Bake

Sept. or Oct.              Community Pumpkin Patch Rides

Sept. of Oct.               Community Scarecrow Festival

October                      Bingo @ Batavia VA Hospital

November                   Election Day Spaghetti Dinner

December                   Christmas Lighting Festival at Community Park

December                   Club Christmas Party with Auction - Proceeds to the Food  Cupboard

December                   Salvation Army Bell Ringing

January                       HS Scholarship Winners Invited to Club Meeting

February                      Daily Lottery - Proceeds to Our Club Emergency Fund

February                     Chicken BBQ - Proceeds to a Community Need

April                             4th Grade Foresters Program

April                             Environmental Clean – Up Day

May                              Bingo at Batavia VA

June                             KCS Senior Class Breakfast at Village Inn

June                             Provide Scholarships/Awards to Graduating HS Seniors

June                             Scholarship Golf Tournament

June                             Serve Dinner at Camp Abilities

July                               Sell Tickets at the Kendall Fireman’s Carnival           

All Year                         Medical Loan Closet

All Year                         Eye Glass Collection + District 20E-1 Glasses Storage/Shipping Facility


Lions' Club Medical Loan Closet

The Medical Loan Closet located at the Kendall Town Hall is sponsored by the Kendall Lions Club. There is no charge to borrow equipment. However, we ask that the equipment be returned as soon as possible after use. Equipment available for loan include: wheel chairs, walkers, crutches, canes and commodes.  Interested parties are required to complete a Charitable Loan Agreement (see link)

Contact Lion John Becker at 585-659-8618, Lion Tony Cammarata at 585-659-8751, Lion Craig Herman at 585-659-8666, Lion Gary Crawford at 585-355-1198 or stop in at the town hall to arrange a loan.

Anyone wishing to donate equipment contact Lion John Becker.


Recipients will be required to complete the following form available at the town hall.







Kendall Lions Club
P.O. Box 416
Kendall New York 14476


Charitable Loan Agreement


Agreement No. _________________________   7 digit date and sequence no. for that date (010816-1)


This agreement is between: (PLEASE PRINT)


Borrower (Recipient) name: ________________________________________________


Borrower address:_________________________________________________________


Telephone:  (_____)_________________


Being a person in need of assistance and the Kendall Lions Club, New York being a volunteer service organization which exists to help their community and individuals in need in their community and which Lions Club serve without financial compensation to better the lives of those living in their community.


NOW THEREFORE it is agreed as follows:


  1. That the Kendall Lions Club is loaning to ______________________________, recipient
    the following items:

    a. ______________________________________________________________________

    b. ______________________________________________________________________

    c. ______________________________________________________________________

    d. ______________________________________________________________________

    These items are being loaned to the above recipient who acknowledges that they have not been charged any fee or cost for the above referenced items.

  2. The above entitled recipient acknowledges that they have independently received licensed competent medical advice indicating that they need the above described item(s), and the Lions Club has in no way expressed whether or not the item(s) loaned are appropriate for the recipient. The recipient acknowledges that the Kendall Lions Club has made this loan to the recipient as a “Good Samaritan” as defined under New York State Law and that they understand that the Kendall Lions Club and its individual members are not dispensing any medical advice in deciding whether the above loaned item(s) are appropriate to be used by the recipient and the recipient further acknowledges that they and/or their licensed medical provider have independently determined that the item(s) that are being loaned to the recipient by the Kendall Lions Club are appropriate and needed by the recipient and that the recipient knows how to use the equipment.
  3. The recipient hereby agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and release the Kendall Lions Club from any liability arising from the use of the above item(s) that have been loaned to the recipient.

  4. The recipient and any successors, estates and/or assigns of the recipient agree to return the above named item(s) to the Kendall Lions Club upon the recipient no longer needing to use such item(s). The recipient further directs the recipient’s successors, estate and/or assign to promptly deliver the return of the named item(s) to the Kendall Lions Club without delay upon the recipient no longer being able to use said item(s). Call (585)659-8618 to arrange return.


This agreement is the complete understanding between the above named parties.



            Print Name: ________________________________________________________

            Signature: _________________________________________________________

            Date: _____________________________________



            For the Kendall Lions Club:

            Print Name: _________________________________________________________

            Signature: __________________________________________________________

            Date: _____________________________________


Property of Lions Medical Loan Closet
P.O. Box 416 
Kendall NY 14476

Call (585)659-8618 to arrange return.












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