If you would like to contact the Kingsport Lions Club,

our President for 2020 - 2021 is Wayne Garland

If you are interested in joining the Kingsport Lions Club

contact Wayne Garland


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If you wish to apply to the Kingsport Lions Club for help with eyeglasses, please call the following office to make an appointment for an evaluation for the Kingsport Lions Club.

Sullivan County Health Department at 423-279-2777 

The evaluation will be at the Sullivan County Health Department at 1041 East Sullivan Street in Kingsport, TN.  There the nurse will screen for residency, financial need and other personal information.  The nurse then sends the card to the Lions Club for processing.  This same procedure holds true even if you  have had an eye exam, have a prescription and just need assistance with glasses.  You should know that calling a Lions Club member only slows up the process because the member will tell them the first thing that they should do is to call the Health Department to set up an eye screening examination. 



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