Lions Sight Clinic Located at 30 Beechwood Avenue  - This is the club’s signature project. It has been in operation since March 19 , 2010 and Hundreds of persons have been screened , supplied with corrective lens  and referred to eye Specialist. The main focus this year are:

(a) Plan to increase the number of persons screened by ten percent to approximately six thousand four hundred (6400).

(b) Forming strategic alliance with companies for funding and screening their members of staff in return.

(c) To finalize plans for the designs of the Sight Foundation Building and seeking funding for it construction.

(d) To perform minor eye surgery as the next development stage of the clinic.


Musical Delight – This is the club’s main fundraiser since 2009. This musical show is held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel February of each year and is a show with various Musician performing on a stage. We recently have its 12th Staging at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.


Community Outreach Projects

           a) Assisting the elderly at Golden Age Home

           b) Aiding and working with the visually impaired at the Adult Blind Clinic

           c) Supporting and aiding the Youth at Walkers Place of Safety








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