Eye Glass Collection Locations

Drop your unwanted eye glasses, hearing aides and cell phones at:

State Bank of the Lakes Rt. 83, Lake Villa
State Bank of the Lakes Grand Ave, Lindenhurst
Lake Villa District Library Munn Rd, Lindenhurst
VFW Hall Grand Ave, Lake Villa
Jackson Eye N. Rt.83, Lake Villa
First American Bank Grand Ave, Lake Villa
First American Bank Grand Ave, Lindenhurst
Lindenhurst Park District Grass Lake Rd, Lindenhurst
LV Township Office Route 59, Lake Villa
Gurnee Walmart   Grand Ave/Hunt Club, Gurnee 
Gurnee Sam's Club Grand Ave/Hunt Club, Gurnee
AccuVision Grand Ave, Lindenhurst

Spring & Fall Pancake Breakfast - March/April and November

Proceeds support our local club as well as the state and national Lion's organization efforts to battle sight and hearing disabilities.

Candy Day Walk for Sight - Second weekend of October

Proceeds support the Lions vision and hearing services & programs in Illinois.

Camp Lions

The club sponsors four campers to attend the Lions of Illinois Foundation Camp Lions for children with sight or hearing loss.

Diabetes Awareness Bus

The Lake Villa Township Lions Club is supported the purchase of a bus that  serves the local community by performing diabetes screenings.

Lake Villa Township Food Pantry

The Lake Villa Township Lions Club supports the Lake Villa Township Food Pantry.



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