Weekly we have Four Sight First Camps at Urban and Rural Districts of Bangalore; Urban Family Welfare Centre maintained by our Club Trust and the BNES Pre University College at Mahalakshmi Layout & Bala Mano Vikasa Kendra - Mentally Challenged Children School Building was build by our Lions Club with assistance from LCIF, Amateur (Ham) Radio Service with callsign VU2LCI which is a unique permenant Project . Annually we have International Club Twinning program as in year 2006 we linked up with Lions Club of Exeter (UK) and Lions Club of Westlake (Ohio, USA). Previous years we were twinned with Lions Club of Jarvanpaa, Finland and with Lions Club of Charlottesville (Virginia, USA Dist 24C)we are further having joint Public Service ventures. Lions Club of Bangalore North has Four Lioness Clubs which are Lioness Club of Bangalore North, Lioness Club of Bangalore North Gardens, Lioness Club of Bangalore North HMT and Lioness Club of Bangalore Jagrutha JP Nagar. We have so far sponsored Nine Lions Clubs they are Lions Club of Kolar (1972), Chickbalapur (1976), Peenya-Yeshwanthapur (1977), Jayanagar (1982), Mahalakshmi (1982), Cosmopolitan (1983), Sundarnagar (1990), Bangalore Greater (1995) and this Lionistic year Bangalore HSR (2006) and Lioness Lion Club of Spoorthi (2007)

For the World Sight Day on 12th Oct 2006 our club brought out Special Postal Cancellation from GPO, Bangalore (In year 1999, we had brought out Special Postal Cover and Special Postal Cancellation on the same occation). Lions Club of Bangalore North is most probably the only club in our country which is involved in Radio Scouting and associated with Sri Chamundi Scouts Group (21st Bangalore) which is part of Bharat Scouts & Guides the national body of International Boy Scouts and Girl Guides movement. Lions Club of Bangalore North has newly opened up Bangalore North - Kormangala Leo Club on 21st Feb 2007 with Fifteen youngster, with Dr. Prabhudev as President, Larsen Prabhu as VP, Dr.Sainath as Secretary. Previously, LCBN had Bangalore North Leos, Bangalore North Garden Leos (which are now nonfunctional).

Lion Ajoy of our Club is associated with Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society and World Lighthouse Society where we do take part in International Lighthouse and Lightship Week since 2008 are our previous operations. This year we have publized the International President's Logo and Theme - A Becon of Hope by activating Lighthouse of Surathkal Point with special callsign VU0LH and a Special Postal Cover is being released

Our Special Amateur (Ham) Radio Special Event activities included

Chairman, Multiple 324, Lions ALERT Program



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