New Membership Campaign

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of serving others. It’s why new members become Lions, and why experienced members remain Lions. Whether seasoned or new, membership satisfaction is the key to keeping all members happy.

Membership Committee

Membership Director:  (Open)

1st Vice President:  Lion Seth Dirks

2nd Vice President:  Lion Tim Nelson

3rd Vice President:  Lion Matt Lingle

Secretary: Lion Ashley Anderson

Treasurer:  Lion Jim Muellenbach, Vice Director

Member Engagement Specialist:  Lion Dave Faust 


CLUB DUES (Effective Jan 1, 2014)

  • Active Member: $75 per year, billed January 1st.  Dues will be prorated based on the month the new member joins @ $6.25/mo.
  • Spouse w/Member: $35 per year, billed January 1st.
  • Entrance Fee: $35 (one time) 

‚Äč(From now until the end of June 2022, LCI is waiving the Entrance Fee)


CLUB DUES: Partial List of Fees included in Dues

Local Fees ($26.00/yr)

  • Administration Fees
  • New LeSauk Lions Shirt (first year)
  • Bulletin & Printing & Stationary
  • Postage & Post Office Box
  • Convention & Hospitality
  • Supplies & Name Tags
  • Awards & Gifts
  • Mini-Forum & Zone Meetings
  • Memorials

District Fees ($6.00/yr)

  • Administrative Fund
  • MERLO training
  • International Convention Campaign Fund
  • District Convention
  • Geographical Assistance

International Fees ($43.00/yr)

  • General Operations
  • Officer Expenses
  • Magazine
  • International Convention
  • Member Insurance
  • Special Programs
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