The Fund for Sight / Lexington Lions Club Endowment, Inc. was established in 1986 as a 501(c)(3) entity to assure that the charitable activities of the Lexington Lions Club could always continue. Originally, the Endowment accepted tax deductible contributions to be placed in the corpus of its Endowment Fund, the income from which would be used to support programs focused on vision.

Over time, The Fund for Sight has provided program assistance to the Bluegrass Council of the Blind, Visually Impaired Pre-School Services, Central Kentucky Radio Eye, the University of Kentucky Ophthalmology Development Fund, among others.

In 2007, The Fund for Sight received IRS permission to expand its focus in two ways. First was the creation of a capital fund that would allow tax deductible contributions to the construction of buildings, the use of which would ultimately bring revenue to the Fund. To that end the Endowment, in cooperation with the Lexington Lions Club, built a facility at Masterson Station Park that provides enclosed meeting, banquet and reception space for up to 250 people, and an outdoor pavilion for picnics, concerts and other open-air events. It is available to the public for rental through the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Parks & Recreation.

Second, is the opportunity for individuals, organizations and granting institutions to provide designated funds for specific projects related to vision and sight conservation, hearing and diabetes awareness.  Thus far, we have had contributions honoring loved ones that have gone to purchase eyeglasses and to provide eye examinations for low income individuals.  This expansion also is significant because it means The Fund for Sight is now able to seek funds from granting organizations to address community needs in the areas of vision, hearing and diabetes.

The Fund for Sight also is a wonderful way to memorialize friends and family members to who have gone to their greater reward and to honor those for jobs well done.  As with all contributions to the Endowment, these gifts are tax deductible and suitable acknowledgments are sent to the families so honored or memorialized.

The Fellows Program of the Endowment recognizes individuals who make significant contributions to the work of The Fund for Sight.  A contribution of $1,000 in cash is required to become an Endowment Fellow. This contribution level can be reached in increments. Other recognition is granted for those who give up to $2,500 and $5,000. Fellows contributions also can be made through life insurance or stocks.

Tax deductible contributions may be sent to:

The Fund for Sight/The Lexington Lions Club Endowment, Inc.
PO Box 11546
Lexington, KY  40576-1546.

For more information, please contact:

Lion Coo-Ee Shelby 


 The Request for Charitable Donation Application Form can be found here.



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