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Carol Wollenberg, Sam Thomas and Los Prados Club President Linda Williams serving pie and ice cream at the 2012 PDG's Food Faire ,District 46 Annual Convention, Reno, NV

Los Prados Lion Herm Williams receives an International President's Certificate of Appreciation from Past International Director Vince Vinella at the 2011 District 46 Fall Cabinet Meeting, Las Vegas

2012 Fashion Show Models Region Chair Josie Harrison, PDG Audrey Williams, PRC Esther Louie-Henry, Co-Chair Josie Gaines, Jennifer Wessman, Gina Gozdzikowski, 1st VDG Noni Rybka, Lion Corrine Chavez.

Esther Louie-Henry at the 2012 Fashion Show

Josie Gaines at the 2012 Los Prados Lions Fashion Show

Josie Harrison at the 2012 Fashion Show.

Noni Rybka at the 2012 Fashion Show.

Los Prados Lions at the 2012 District Convention. From Left to Right: PDG Audrey Williams, Lion Herm Williams, President Linda Williams, Secretary Bernice Sheppard, Zone Chairman Sam Thomas.

Lion Herm and PDG Audrey in the Grand March at the District Convention, Reno, April 2012.

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