Magrath Lions Club Report - Jan 2013

12 active Lions all under age 80.
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  • Mar 2013 will be our 75th anniversary of Magrath Lions Club in our town!
  • We held our 2013 start up meeting 23 Jan 2013 at local Yings restaurant.

School: Lions Speech Contest (Feb 2013)
Lion Elizabeth is heading a project to hold another speech contest at the Magrath School to encourage public speaking in students. The participants present a story or poem they have memorized in front of the adjudicator. Prize money and certificates for the winners and participants  in each age categories are presented by the Magrath Lions Club.

Chamber of Commerce: CYB Gala Dinner (15 Feb 2013)
Lion Roger is assisting Chamber of Commerce in organizing their Gala Awards Dinner/Entertainment event honoring the Citizen, Youth and Business (CYB) of the Year winners. Tickets are available at the local banks and pharmacy. Last years winner was Lion Elizabeth. This year we honor Herb McKelvey, Emalee Murphy, and Magrath Home Hardware. Mr McKelvey is a local supporter of our club and Miss Emalee is an enthusiastic 'Leo club' volunteer.

Community: No Cost Clothing Event (Mar 2013) semi-annual no cost clothes event
We plan to follow up our successful Fall 2012 event with another smaller one this Spring, Lion Elizabeth will coordinate with the school to find a date when the event can be held. It was last held on Sep 20-22, 2012

Chamber of Commerce: Trade Show (12-13 Apr 2013)
Lion Roger is heading the Chamber of Commerce committee organizing the upcoming Chamber Trade Show.

Community: Food Drive (27 Apr 2013)
Lion Roger is heading the 8th annual community food drive in Magrath at the end of Apr 2013 with great assistance from local church group and youth volunteers. We have been collecting about 10,000 pounds of donated food items each year for the past 7 years.

Community: Birthday Calendar Fundraiser (Apr-Jun 2013) Fundraising Event / Campaign
Community Service (Sep 2013-Aug 2014) Calendar sales drive goes from Apr to end of Jun and production is in Jul for delivery before the end of Aug 2013 ..

Fundraiser: Lions Garage Sale (4 May 2013)
Lion Tracy is organizing our Community Garage Sale. We collect donations for the sale from community and then have the Leo/Lions work to hold the Garage Sale. Book some good weather for us. Proceeds of this fundraiser go toward supporting the new Leo Club here in Magrath.

Terry Trainer Memorial (Fishpond) Playground Installation (14-15 Jun 2013
ion Tom is heading our Terry Trainer Memorial Playground (at fishpond park) Project. The Pirate Ship design (est $30,000) play park components have been ordered through the Town of Magrath and we plan to install this Spring 2013.

Leo Club Organization (Spring 2013) sponsorship of Leo club
We are proceeding with the request to organize an Alpha Leo Club here in Magrath. Lion Club President Roger is submitting the necessary forms along with required fees. We already have a core of interested families and kids and have put them to work last summer in our Lions Garage Sale, and this fall in our Mural Project.

Leo Mural Project (Sep  2012) art / cultural event
In progress: Lion Deanna is coordinating the efforts to complete our mural project. Local artists are preparing the layout. The wall is 100 foot long and just over 2000 sq ft in size.

Eye Glass Collection Boxes (2013) project
Lion Lesley is placing cardboard eyeglass collection boxes at the school and around town with friendly local businesses. We feel it is a worthwhile project and brings welcome recognition to the club.

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