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Our Fundraising Results for the year ended June 2020

Prostate Charity Walk £3,477
ASDA Bucket Collction £231
Morrisons Bucket Collection £827
Tesco Bucket Collection                  £707
Chocolate Santas Pub Raffle £2,028
Easter Egg Rub Raffle £1,543
Sevenoaks Heavy Horse Show Car Parking £950
Malling Festival £382
Pre Christmas Sales £67
Spadework Christmas Fair £433
Picnic in the Park & Offham PC Donation £660
Private Donations £305
Gift Aid Tax Refund (from last year)         


Other donations

Donation from the Admin Account 375
Grand Total for the Year ended June 2020 £13,141

In the last Lions Year we have raised over £13,000 for charitable purposes which includes recovery of income tax on donations.

Fundraising Chairma, Lion Chris Harker reported: "

Fundraising in the Lions year 2019-20 was unfortunately curtailed due to the COVID crisis, but even so, in 9 months the club raised a very creditable £13,141.30

Of this, £3477.60 (plus gift aid) was raised at the Charity Walk and donated directly to local and national Prostate Cancer Research charities.

Tinshakes raised just over £1766, Santas, £2028 and Easter Eggs £1543. The Eggs were the most affected by the pandemic due to pubs being closed - however, more money may still come in and we have "broken even" on them.

Most of the other funds raised resulted from donations from events where we provided a car parking or marshalling service to other clubs (Sevenoaks Heavy Horse Show - £950), or organisations e.g. Malling Lights, Picnic in the Park and the Spadework Fair. These fetes also raised money from stalls at the events, totalling £882

Gift Aid on Small Donations (25% of tinshake and income from stalls) was also a contributor to our funds, but this was partly based on events in 2018-9.

Just under £80 was donated through members' purchases on Amazon Smile and Easyfundraising. Forgive the pun, but these are "easy wins" in terms of income, which anyone buying goods, services (including car and home insurance) and even holidays when things return to normal. 

Finally, thanks go to the club members, their families and Friends of Malling Lions for their help in raising this money at numerous events and particularly to the committee for organising them."

Our registered charity number is 280441

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