Memorial Bowl (Barnes Park Amphitheater)

 The Memorial Bowl (now known as the Barnes Park Amphitheater) was built in 1946/1947 under the Lion’s President Karl Barnum guidance.  The Lion’s club adopted, as a major project, the erection of a Memorial Bowl at Barnes Park, the completion and improvement of which was to occupy the next several years and to accomplish an expenditure of much of the Club’s time and money.  In 1947 the Lion’s completed, at a cost of approximately $10,000, the Memorial Bowl (Barnes Park Amphitheater) and dedicated it.  Also in 1947 the Lion’s realized $3,500 on Pioneer Playdays to help pay added dollars towards the Memorial Bowls upkeep.  In 1948-50 the Club dedicated its Memorial Bowl and sponsored three concerts along with a Light Opera Association, which later on became annual events.  In 1953-54 with Funds raised thru our Breakfast we erected a new sound system and new footlights at the Memorial Bowl.  Additionally in the early 50’s we installed seating, a projection booth and built retaining walls.  By the mid-50’s the Club transferred ownership and responsibility over to the City of Monterey Park. Today the Memorial Bowl reflects a transition with the addition of an enlarge stage, back stage and added seating,

Monterey Park Lion's are celebrating their 79th Birthday and what better way to celebrate than share parts of the history of what the Monterey Park Lion's have given to the residents of this great city.
How many remember the Lion's Head Water Fountains that the Lion's had made and installed in the City Parks. Through the years its always fun to watch kids and adults stick their heads in the mouth of the LIon to get a drink of cold water. Watch these pages as the Monterey Park Lion's will be showing more of the Lion's gifts to the residents of Monterey Park as we celebrate our 79th. Birthday.


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