Current Club Projects

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1] The Bench Project (All Year)

For every 1000 POUNDS of recyclable plastic the Club collects, we get a bench made of the same recyclable material. The Club installs a placard and donates the bench to the community.


2] Greeting Card Program (All Year)

The Club sends birthday and holiday cards to various inpatient senior assisted living facilities.


3] Pancake Breakfast (June and October)

The Club organizes, cooks, and serves a pancake breakfest to honor our military veterans. Best of all, everyone in the community are welcome!


4] Mini First Aid Kits (All Year)

The club uses recycled eyeglass cases and fills them with basic first aid supplies. These mini first aid kits are handed out for free at community events.


5] First Responders Food Day (All Year)

Our club collects selected treats and distributes them to our communities First Responders





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