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2020 – 2021 Officers and Board Members

Jim Austin – President
209 602-7658
Glen Gorman - First Vice President
             209 534-7178
Dennis Roberts - Second Vice President
           209 613-8782
Open- Third Vice President
Mike Cox – Secretary
John Faurial– Treasurer
209 595-2141
Don Allen - Tail Twister
               209 988-3089
Dan Felix- Lion Tamer
                  530 263-8283
Rod Johnson - Chaplin
              209 988-3898
Richard Nimphius - Membership
           209 480-1496               
Mike Cox - Immediate Past President
              209 640-8959
Marv Miller - LCIF Coordinator
              209 844-5404
Kathy Miller - Service Chair
              209 844-5404
Board Members – Above officers and
                                    2 year Director:   
                                    1 year Director: Brian Lemons
Resources and Committee Chairs


Jim Austin, 
Town Clock
Alan Graham
Boy Scouts
Brian Tacke

Club Visitations

International Program
Mike Ward      209-484-3535
Ed Doell
Relay for Life
Senior Services
Glen Gorman
Roar Editor
Ed Doell
Sight Conservation & Blind
Street Flags
Pancake Breakfast
Dennis Roberts
All-Star Football
Richard Nimphius & Brad Bates
Don Osborne & SOS Run
Student Speaker
Diabetes Awareness
Leo Club
Frank Gomez
Texas Hold’en
Bob Evans
Salmon Festival
Ron DeLong
Miceli & Fauria
Web Master
Richard Nimphius
Community Sharing
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