Chartered on December 31 1979. Keremeos was sponsoring club and Lion Wendel johnson and  Lion Gary Carlson sere the sponsoring Lions. Lion Dick Marvin was Zone Chairperson that year.


Thing we are proud of

We installed he sprinkler system in Kenhyon Park. The origional park was added on to and the sprinkler systme upgrades and water peark wer put in by RDOS Parks and Rec.

We put in the sprinkler system in Lion's Garden in 1999. 

Bursaries since 1984 to students from Okanagan Falls graduating from South Okanagan Secondary School in Oliver BC

Our continued support of BC Lions Society for children with Disabilities

we have over the years helped many area residents to stay at Easter seals house while their children are in bc childrens hospital.

Our continued support with both money and volunteer labour to Camp Winfield .

Our continuing hot breakfast every Monday and Wednesday at the Okanagan Falls Elementary Schoo. The Breakfsts started in 1999.

Our   Coats for kids project through the Okanagan Falls elementary School to ensure that no child in ok falls is cold in the winter

Our highway cleanup project to clean up the road north of Okanagan falls  Adopt a highway program

Our support of  The okanagan falls Helping Hands program

During the fire of 2003  the  Okangan falls Lions club prepared breakfst for the firefighters working the fire line to help protect our town

In 1985 when Shuttleworht creek flooded the Lions club with its can do attitude brought out he shovels and spent the night helping to sandbag the creek bank;

We supplied the radios for the Okangan Falls citizens on Patrol.

We are part of the Canada Day Celebration.

We were one of the origionators of the Christmas Light up progarm and cotintinue to support this event

We have collected recycled eyeglasses since he early 1980 for Lions Club eyeglasses recycling center.   We have estimated over the last 40 years donated in escess of 100,000 used eyeglassres.

Some of our Lioins members donate their time to the Blood Donor clinic in Penticton BC

Our Lions Easte Egg Hunt has continued sincel 1998 when we took it over from the folding Kiwanis least  26 years of hosting the Easter Bunny plus the 4 or 5 years of kiwanis  total 30 years. Covid 19 closed down 2 years of Easter Egg Hunt from 2020 and 2021.

Members of the Club are involved with the management of the Shuttleworth Place Affordable inclome project.

Lion Collin Van Blerk collected 580,000 paris of eyeblasses and sent them to the lions eyeglass recycle in Alberta which had them end up in the Pentntentuary where the inmates sorted and shipped all used eyeglasses from bc and third world countries, his efforts put an article about him into the lions magazine. Lion Colin collected the used eyeglasses until his unfortunate passing in 2021 . the club has continued  with 5 shousand pairs of unused eyeglassses sent during the 2021/22 year

We have built wheelchair ramps for handicapped residents.

WE have sponsored and  and supported the Canada Day Celebration in Okanagan Falls  since 1981

MUSIC and MARKET in the PARK  during the summer. There are 5 events starting on Fathers Day

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